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Rent out your roof for photovoltaics

Do you have a large unused roof area from 6,000 square metres? Rent out your roof for a PV installation and earn money!

Large unused roof areas are particularly suitable for rental purposes.

This includes roofs with an area of at least 6,000 m² such as on industrial halls, warehouses, factories or commercial buildings. Owners of buildings benefit from renting out their roof space for photovoltaics, as they can decide whether they wish to have their roof renovated or receive a rental payment. The experts at SENS will be happy to advise you and check whether your roof is suitable for renting. No effort is involved on your part - SENS will look for a suitable investor, take care of the roof renovation, if necessary, install the photovoltaic system and provide additional service.

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What are the advantages of renting a roof for a solar system?

How you benefit from SENS

  •  Use unused roof space sensibly and earn money: up to 30 years of income or a large one-off payment
  •  It's your decision: roof renovation or rental income
  •  Save energy costs: generate green electricity on the roof yourself and improve your image
  •  Your own consumption of the electricity generated may also be possible
  •  No work for you: arranging the investor, planning, permits, construction, maintenance and servicing - we take care of everything
  •  No risk: no investment costs or contributions are required from you
  •  SENS is a strong partner. Don't let just anyone onto your roof!

The procedure: This is how you rent out your roof space for photovoltaics

Step 1: Request a rental offer Contact us and send us the basic data of the roof

Step 2: Persönliches Beratungs-gespräch Data acquisition by our experts: roof surface, roofing material and insulation

Step 3: On-site appointment Inspection of the roof (detailed measurement, statics, need for renovation)

Step 4: Cost calculation & offer We determine the rental prices for you and send you an offer

Step 5: Select an investor We receive offers from investors and select the one that suits you best

Step 6: Conclude the rental agreement Decision between receiving rent or roof renovation, if necessary

Step 7: Start of construction According to the agreed construction schedule, the construction of the PV installation is started


Do you have any questions about the process of renting out a roof? We will be happy to help you! Send us an mail or call us.

What requirements must a roof meet for the installation of a photovoltaic system?


  • The roof area should be at least 6,000 m²
  • The roof should be new or you will optionally receive a free has been renovated, instead of rental payments - this is especially relevant for old corrugated fibre cement roofs (“asbestos")
  • The roof area should be as shade-free as possible
  • The roof should not be north-facing
  • You are the owner and can have a first level easement registered
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The most frequently asked questions on the subject of renting out a roof

Renting out roof space: How long does it take before the rental comes?

You will usually receive the rental payment from the investor when the installation is connected to the grid (first feed of the generated electricity into the grid).

How ist he elecrtricity from the photovoltaic system sold when the roof area is rented out?

The renting party builds the installation and operates it. You as the owner of the roof area have “nothing to do” with the photovoltaic system. The electricity is fed into the grid via an extra meter, if necessary via your transformer or that of the renting party, and the quantity is measured. The renting party then receives money from the direct marketer. Except in the case of defects and maintenance, where technicians have to enter the plant, you will not notice anything of the PV system on your roof. No one enters your property without prior notice - this is also contractually agreed!

Is a photovoltaic system worthwhile even if the roof does not face south?

This must be checked in each individual case and depends on the location, orientation and sunlight. Today, in addition to purely south-facing systems, many east-west systems are also built, which are also extremely attractive from an economic point of view. Only pure north-facing roofs are out of the question, due to their orientation and the resulting rather low yield. Ask us and we will clarify the possible uses of your roof area!

Are all roof surfaces suitable fort he installation of a photovoltaic system?

No, when renting out roof space for a solar system, it is advisable that the roof surface is at least 1,000 square meters, ideally is new and free from shade. We would be happy to help you assess whether your roof is suitable for a PV system.

How can I rent out a roof area for a solar system?

The procedure for renting out a roof for a photovoltaic system is as follows:

  1. Request a rental offer
  2. Personal consultation with recording of the data (roof area, roofing material, insulation)
  3. On-site appointment with inspection of the roof (detailed measurement, statics, need for renovation)
  4. Cost calculation & offer
  5. Choice of a suitable investor
  6. Conclude the rental agreement
  7. Start of construction

If you have a question, please contact us by mail, phone or via our contact form Mail, Telefon oder über unser contact form.

Is it possible to use the generated electricity ourselves?

In individual cases this can be very attractive, please contact us!

What are the costs fort he owner oft he building?

There are no costs for the owner of the building, except for the registration of the easement.

How long will we receive rental income?

You will receive annual payments for the duration of the plant operation, usually 20, 25 or 30 years. Alternatively, you can also choose a high one-off payment right at the beginning!

How many offers will we receive?

You will receive a rental offer from an investor who has been checked by us.

Would you like to rent out your roof? We need these documents and data from you tob e able to evaluate your roof:

  • Location and address of the building
  • Pictures from the outside and if necessary from the inside (roof truss)
  • Information on the use of the building
  • Extract from the land register
  • Official site plan
  • Signed power of attorney for the grid enquiry to the energy supplier

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