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Technical management of photovoltaics

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Frequently potential for optimization
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O&M Technical management SENS

An assessment of the plant's condition as well as an inventory of its components are the basis of our efforts. As soon as we accept a third-party system for servicing, we check and evaluate its performance based on the available data.

Upon request we will gladly provide an assessment by our TÜV-approved experts and recommend actions to take in order to maximize your income.

Of course, an optimization of your system should be economically feasible. We will be happy to calculate the profitability of various investment options for you and support you in implementing successful optimization measures.

Once a refit has been performed, we will check the effectiveness of the appropriate measures in order to provide proof of success after a conversion.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas for optimization, we will be happy to advise you.

We offer the service you need to succeed.

As an element of our plant maintenance service our TÜV-approved service technicians carry out maintentance on solar power modules, inverters and supporting constructions. This guarantees great operational security and optimal yields, ensuring the profitability of your solar power plants.

Additionally, our service team carries out tests on the AC system and the DC system as well as E-check measurements on the low-voltage system. The DGUV test includes visual inspection in accordance with IEC 60364, insulation resistance tests, continuity testing of protective conductors and equipotential bonding connections, earth resistance and phase sequence, loop impedance and line impedance, and an RCD test.

  • Inverter: Checking the degree of contamination, checking for possible damage or moisture, examining the cable routing, plug and screw connections as well as overvoltage protection devices and filter cleaning
  • Solar power modules: String measurement, checking the degree of soiling and the module glass as well as the module clamps
  • Support structure: Examination of the material for weak spots and damage
O&M Technical management SENS

Our portfolio encompasses regular audits in accordance with DGUV V3.

O&M Technical management SENS

As part of the annual maintenance we check all components of your solar power system.

We are at your service.

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