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Technical management photovoltaics

Maximum yields and maximum service: Technical management for your solar plants

Optimum yields
from your
PV systems

The reliable operation of your PV system is the focus of SENS. In addition, there is often undiscovered potential for optimisation. Through the help and advice of our service team, you profit from dependable availability and maximum yields from your photovoltaic systems.

Full-service technical management

Technical management of solar systems of SENS

Does your PV system actually produce its maximum possible yield? Our experts check the present performance of your system and provide customised services to raise its energy production to a new level.

With our wide range of services from monitoring and reporting to plant optimisation by refitting, or additional services such as ground maintenance and module cleaning, we can cover every need. First of all, we analyse your requirements and suggest an efficient package of measures. With the assistance of our service team, you can rely on your system providing the desired levels of availability and maximum yields.

Would you like to put together your own customised service package? Simply complete the relevant form and send it to us. Our experts will work with you to define the optimum range of services for your solar installation - whether on the roof (from 750 kWp) or in the field (from 1 MWp). There are basic and premium packages as well as additional individual services - we offer you a customised service.


Tip: After downloading the document, open it in a PDF reader. Once you have completed it, you can send it directly by e-mail. Our service team will then contact you.  

Service package for PV roof systems

Service package for solar parks

We are currently managing over 1.2 GW with our customised services. For this, we have service teams visiting sites all over the world to ensure smooth and efficient service for our customers.

Use the full potential of your solar system!

Ensure maximum yields: Full service for your solar plants

This is how we make the most
of the potential of your PV system

Technical management starts with an inventory and condition assessment of the plant and its components. As soon as we accept a third-party system for servicing, we check and evaluate its performance based on the available data. At your request we would be delighted to prepare a report by our in-house TÜV-certified inspectors and discuss its recommendations for maximising your yields with you.

Of course, optimisation of your PV system should be economically feasible. We can prepare a report showing the economic viability of various investment options and support you in the implementation of successful optimisation measures. As soon as these measures are in place, we check their effectiveness. This gives you direct proof of the success of your plant optimisation.

Would you like your PV system to perform at a higher level? Tell us what you would like to optimise and allow us to give you specific advice on your system.

Our range of services can take care of everything.

As part of our plant maintenance service, our TÜV-certified service technicians maintain your photovoltaic modules, inverters and their supporting structures. You can count on a high level of operational reliability with an optimum yield to ensure the on-going economic viability of your photovoltaic systems.

Our service team also performs tests in the alternating and direct current systems and E-check measurements on the low-voltage equipment. The services we provide as part of technical management include regular testing in accordance with DGUV V3 and the testing of all components during annual maintenance.

  • Inverters: Because every inverter manufacturer has its own maintenance cycles, our experts check that the equipment always complies with the manufacturer’s data. The work also includes: assessment of the degree of soiling, inspection for any damage and moisture, examination of cable routes, plug-in and screwed connections as well as overvoltage protection devices etc.

  • Photovoltaic modules: String measurements, IV characteristic curve measurements (both measurements for 500, 1000 V and 1500 V systems), check on the degree of soiling, module glass and module clamps

  • Support structure: Examination of the material for weak spots and damage

We are at your service.

SENS - Iqony Solar Energy Solutions is your partner of choice for maintenance and service of solar systems worldwide. Discover our range of services.

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