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Lease land for the construction of a solar park and secure lease income for 30 years!

Many landowners own land that is of little economic use or has low yields due to poor soil quality. It is precisely such areas that are ideal for generating electricity from renewable energy. 

Do you have a plot of land with more than 5 hectares? Then become our land partner now! Benefit from profitable lease payments and make a decisive contribution to the energy transition at the same time. 

Suitable properties

Green maintenance and biodiversity

Six steps to successful land leasing




Your benefits - Lease your property or land for PV systems

30 years' leasing income

All from one source: Complete processing by Iqony Sens from development to commissioning

Contribution to the energy transition

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partner now


Lease your land for the construction of a PV ground-mounted system and secure an additional income for a period of 30 years!

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Is your land suitable for leasing and can a solar park be built on it?

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems can be built on almost any land. In Germany, you may receive payment for electricity generated from a photovoltaic system through the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) or by selling it through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Interesting areas that are eligible for a solar park under the EEG are:

  • Land along motorways and railway tracks
  • Land in less-favoured areas that can be shown to be low yield or have poor soil quality
  • Conversion land, such as tips, former opencast coal mines or disused military bases
  • Impervious surfaces formerly used for industrial purposes
  • Unused designated industrial land
  • Land with buildings, such as sports or leisure airports


If none of these conditions can be met, it may still be possible to sell the generated electricity through a PPA. In the case of PPA ground-mounted PV systems, Iqony Sens is looking for plots of land that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Plots with an area of at least 5 ha
  • Low-yield meadows or farmland of little use to agriculture
  • Derelict or other unused land




Improving biodiversity through photovoltaics and green maintenance

Iqony Sens develops, builds and maintains the solar park - all from a single source. Our operation and maintenance services include, among other things, the green maintenance of your land, which is important for the optimal operation of a solar plant. Otherwise, grasses and bushes growing wild can shade the PV system and lead to losses in electricity yield.

Targeted green pruning also promotes biodiversity in the solar park. In this way, endangered plants that have no chance in conventional agriculture can grow under the plants. At the same time, new, valuable habitats are created for many animal species, which promotes ecological balance. For example, fences around the solar park only start 15-20 cm above the ground so that small animals such as foxes and hares can pass underneath and have a natural place to retreat. In addition, about 10-20 % of each solar park is used as compensation area, where native herbs and shrubs in particular are planted. 

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Six steps to successful land leasing

Step 1: Enquire by telephone or email

Step 1: Enquire by telephone or email

Do you own a plot of agricultural land that you would like to lease? Then contact us directly! To find out whether the land is suitable for the construction of a solar park, you can simply fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

Step 2: Network request

Step 2: Checking the suitability for approval

After viewing the required property data, Iqony Sens checks whether a solar park can be erected on your property. The regional plan and existing protected areas are included in the assessment.

Step 4: Lease signing

Step 3: Signing the lease agreement

After a positive response to the site assessment, we arrange an on-site meeting with you to discuss the lease agreement together. The lease initially runs for 20 years. Optionally, the contract can be extended twice for five years each time. This way you secure an additional income for the next 30 years!

Step 3: Presentation of the construction project

Step 4: Application for urban land use planning

The construction of a solar park requires the approval of the municipality concerned. At the beginning, an appointment is held with the municipality to present the planned project. In the case of positive feedback, an urban land use planning procedure is initiated. Within the framework of this procedure, all the interests of the public and the public interest groups are taken into account. In this way, it is ensured that the planning is carried out in coordination with the offices involved, such as the "Lower Nature Conservation Authority" or the "Lower Monument Protection Authority".

Step 5: Planning application

Step 5: Submitting the grid request

The solar electricity generated is fed into the public grid. The first step to connecting to the grid is to apply for the so-called grid connection point calculation from the responsible grid operator. After a daily updated information, the technical documents for the solar park are submitted, which leads to a reservation of the grid capacity.

Step 6: Building permit and realization

Step 6: Building permit and realisation of the PV plant

Once the statute resolution and the building permit have been issued, the solar experts from Iqony Sens can start building the solar park together with their long-term partners. After delivery of the components, the substructure, the solar modules including cabling and the inverters can be installed. As soon as construction begins, you will receive the first lease payment for your plot.

With the completion and grid commissioning of the solar park, you make your contribution to the energy transition together with Iqony Sens!

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With our many years of know-how, we ensure a smooth process from signing the contract to commissioning.

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Our promise

  • Individual concepts for the construction of a solar park on your open space
  • All from one source: we develop, build and maintain the solar park on your site
  • Professional maintenance: regular inspections and maintenance work to ensure the system's performance
  • Personal contact person on site


FAQ on the topic of land lease for photovoltaics

How long will it take to build the solar park?

The duration for the construction of a solar park can vary greatly and depends on various factors. These include the size of the project, site conditions, bureaucratic approvals and available resources. As a rule, the construction of a solar park can take from several months to over a year.

How much is my lease income?

Basically, you can expect a rent between 2800 and 4000 euros per hectare and year. The price varies depending on the location and condition of the land as well as the distance to the grid connection.

Can I continue to cultivate the land myself?

Yes, in principle it is possible to continue to cultivate the land area under photovoltaic systems, depending on the type of system, the construction method and the local conditions. One possible solution is agri-photovoltaics (agri-PV). Here, the modules protect the farmland from wind and soil erosion and reduce evaporation and water consumption through shade.

What happens after the 30 years?

If there is no agreement on the continued operation of the PV system after the expiry of the contract term, we will dismantle it without leaving any residues and return the leased area to its original condition.

I have already signed a lease with another provider, but would prefer to accept a lease offer from Iqony Sens. What can I do?

We recommend that you have the lease contract carefully examined by a professional. There are numerous reasons when or why a lease can be terminated.

Secure an additional source of income for the next 30 years through leasing your land!

Discuss your options with us and find out how to lease your land for solar.


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