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SENS Location Milan

in Milan


One of our locations of SENS Italia, which was founded in 2009, is located in Milan.

Throughout Italy, the 120-strong team at Iqony Solar Energy Solutions (Italia) S.r.l. is responsible for project development, construction, maintenance and operational management of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

In addition to the Milan office, the Italian subsidiary also operates from sunny Lecce in the south of Italy.

Milan - the fashion metropolis of Europe

With almost 1.5 million inhabitants, Milan is the second largest city in Italy. It impresses not only with its world-famous cathedral, but also with a shopping hotspot in a class of its own - the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This luxury shopping centre is the oldest in the world. It opened its doors in 1877.
Incidentally, Milan is home to the world's first vertical forest, the Bosco Verticale. These two skyscrapers are covered with over 900 trees and a variety of plants, offering not only a breathtaking view but also an improvement in air quality.


SENS Location Lecce 

in Lecce


With numerous hours of sunshine, we supply whole of Italy with Good Energy from Lecce.

The Italian team also takes care of project development, maintenance, construction and operational management of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems from the office in Lecce.

The location is also the monitoring centre of SENS Italia: from here, the data of all solar systems is continuously monitored remotely to ensure smooth energy generation.

Lecce - the Florence of the Italian south

In Lecce, the cathedral is the star of baroque architecture with a Mediterranean flair. The old town centre is like an open-air museum and has everything from magnificent churches to charming piazzas. There is also a fascinating tradition in this city called "Pizzica": this is a passionate dance, the legend of which says that you can "dance out" the poison of a tarantula spider bite. Today, pizzica is a joyful expression of local culture and is celebrated with exuberant energy at festivals and celebrations!

With our passion and strong sense of collaboration, we are creating strong partnerships in Italy to build a future together with 100% Good Energy.

Sarah Herresthal, Managing Director SENS Italia

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