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Iqony Sens location Knutsford

in Knutsford


With our team we bring Good Energy from Knutsford to the whole island.

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Knutsford is one of two locations of the Iqony Sens subsidiary in the UK. Here, the Iqony Solar Energy Solutions UK Ltd. team manages project development, design, construction, maintenance and operational management of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

Our goal in the UK? Creating the future with 100% Good Energy!

Knutsford - cultural heritage in the west of the UK

The historic town of Knutsford attracts visitors from all over the UK to its vibrant shopping streets and beautiful surrounding countryside. With a population of around 13,000, it is geographically located 20 minutes from Manchester airport and 30 minutes south of the city centre.

Every ten years, a three-hour endurance ride for penny-farthing bikes takes place here, the so-called "Penny farthing race", named after the largest and smallest copper coin in the currency of the Victorian era. Visitors and participants come to the small town from all over the world.

Iqony Sens Location London 

in London


Our office in the capital strengthens the United Kingdom in the energy transition!

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A team from the Iqony Sens subsidiary in London is also working to create the future with 100% Good Energy in the UK. Project development, construction and maintenance services are also part of the Iqony Sens subsidiary's range of services here.
The SENS UK technical specialists are based both in London and Knutsford.

London - The metropolis of England

The vibrant capital of the United Kingdom impresses with its rich history and fascinating culture. In London, modernity and tradition merge in a unique way, making it a particularly popular holiday destination.
Did you know that there are also numerous pubs on the banks of the Thames in London, some of which are only accessible at high tide? The so-called riverside pubs are a highlight of any visit to London.

Anchored in the traditional setting of Knutsford and the vibrant heart of London, we are driving the energy transition across the UK by enabling personalized contact with our experts.

James Bracegirdle, Managing Director UK

Iqony Sens in Scotland

As an affinity partner of NFU Scotland, SENS UK also aims to encourage the expansion of renewable energy into Scottish agriculture and provide additional opportunities for diversification of farm income.

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