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Service and maintenance for solar parks & PV roof systems

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Would you like your PV system on the roof or your solar park to be well looked after?

PV service

Our customised photovoltaic service ensures the highest performance of your PV system and a secure yield.

We will put together an offer tailored precisely to your property from our comprehensive range of services. Regardless of whether it is a fixed installation, a tracking system or a roof-mounted system - with our customised service components, you receive exactly the services you need. Our focus is on maximising the profitability of your system.

A goal that we and our service team have been achieving with our customers for many years.

SENS provides the following maintenance and repair services:

Technical management

Our experts check the current performance of your system and take energy generation to a new level with the help of customised services.

Read more about Technical management with SENS.


System optimisation

There is often unused optimisation potential. Our service team specialises in the optimisation of all types of photovoltaic systems.


Our team can precisely monitor and analyse the performance of your system and even intervene remotely if necessary. Continuous monitoring enables us to prevent cost-intensive breakdowns and ensure the best possible yields for you.

Additional Services



Would you like to put together your own customised service package? Simply complete the relevant form and send it to us. Our experts will work with you to define the optimum range of services for your solar installation - whether on the roof (from 750 kWp) or in the field (from 1 MWp). There are basic and premium packages as well as additional individual services - we offer you a customised service.


Tip: After downloading the document, open it in a PDF reader. Once you have completed it, you can send it directly by e-mail. Our service team will then contact you.  

Service package for PV roof systems

Service package for solar parks

We ensure the smooth operation of your PV system on the surface and the roof.


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Customised - a service package tailored to your needs

Accessible - we guarantee fast accessibility and response times with our on-site service technicians

Qualitative - As a TÜV-certified PV service provider for maintenance, we focus on quality management

of your solar


We are there if the worst comes to the worst, because it is not always possible to foresee cases of damage.

Technical management of solar systems of SENS

Despite all precautions, events can occur that damage your photovoltaic system or impair its performance. What counts now is rapid intervention. With our service team, we are guaranteed to be on site quickly. Thanks to our comprehensive spare parts management system, we are also ideally equipped for repairs. 

In the event of damage, you will of course receive a detailed damage report and we will take care of further processing. In this context, we can take care of the following for you on request:

  • Complaints management
  • Claims settlement with manufacturers and insurance companies
  • Damage assessment
  • Recycling

A photovoltaic system is particularly profitable for system operators when everything is working - that much is certain. If faults occur, we are therefore happy to support you with recommendations for future action and optimise your system if necessary.

Certified PV experts

Your PV system is in good hands with us. Guaranteed and certified - We can guarantee this promise thanks to our qualified staff and many years of experience.

SENS has been certified by TÜV-Rheinland as a specialised company for the maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The extensive certification criteria include the qualifications of the personnel, the quality and scope of the work as well as complete and transparent documentation


Our customers benefit from our high standards - because quality is our top priority.

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Photovoltaic service from SENS means:

  • Clear processes and responsibilities
  • Minimisation of processing times through efficient organisation
  • Continuous training of employees
  • Innovative, customer-orientated and personal cooperation

Data security is just as important. As part of our service, we secure your sensitive data during storage and transmission. We also protect you against data loss through active protective measures such as security monitoring and regular data backups.

Your solar project from a single source


SENS also specialises in turnkey project solutions, from project planning to implementation and commissioning. As an internationally active EPC partner, we are at your side for the construction of large ground-mounted solar plants as well as for your customised industrial solution in the field of renewable energy.



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