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Iqony GmbH

Since January 2023, Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions (Iqony Sens) has been part of Iqony, headquartered in Essen, and thus part of the STEAG Group.

Iqony´s headquarters in Essen in Germany

Iqony stands for green energy. 85 years of experience in energy systems make Iqony the point of contact for comprehensive solutions for environmentally friendly control, increased efficiency and digitalisation of the energy supply.

Iqony focuses on bridging technologies and renewable energy sources that will be climate-neutral in the future. In addition to wind and solar energy, Iqony also offers solutions in the areas of gas-fired power plants, storage technology and hydrogen solutions.

The company is also a service provider for geothermal energy and engineering. Around 2,300 employees are behind the projects, which are driven forward worldwide for cities, energy suppliers and large industrial companies. Iqony's wide range of services helps the company to fulfil its own claim of providing customised energy solutions.

Iqony is part of the STEAG Group, which split into the two divisions "Iqony" and "Steag Power" in January 2023. As a solar service provider, Iqony Sens is assigned to the green "Iqony" division. This was accompanied by a change of name: "STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH" became "Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH".


Solar park from Iqony´s daughter company Iqony Sens in Germany
Wind turbine from Iqony Sens in France
Wind farm from Iqony Sens in Germany
Iqony´s HydrOxy Hub in Germany
District heating route from Iqony

How Iqony and Iqony Sens are connected


Iqony makes green energy feasible.


Corporate name: Iqony GmbH
Headquarters: Essen
Part of STEAG

Iqony Sens

We create the future with 100 % Good Energy.


Corporate name: Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions GmbH
Headquarter: Würzburg
Subsidiary of Iqony GmbH

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