Green energy for Bulgaria  
At a glance:  Location  Dalgo Pole  Solar modules  > 330,000  Total output …   Mehr erfahren
Green energy for Bulgaria  
SENS and LSG finalise over 205 MWp of solar energy in the heart of Bulgaria. Find out more here!   Mehr erfahren
Interesting facts about agrivoltaic systems  
How can agricultural land be used to produce food and solar energy?   Mehr erfahren
Interesting facts about agrivoltaic systems  
Agri-photovoltaics: A win-win situation for agriculture and energy Agri-photovoltaics (Agri-PV) is the simultaneous utilisation of land for agricultural crop production and electricity generation…   Mehr erfahren
The Netherlands  
Since 2022, SENS has been represtented with a location in the Netherlands with the aim of driving forward the energy transition throughout the country. In the centre of Amsterdam, the "SENS…   Mehr erfahren
Land leasing  
Leasing photovoltaic areas Lease land for the construction of a solar park and secure lease income for 30 years! Many…   Mehr erfahren
Intersolar 2023: Spread Good Energy from Munich into the world  
Intersolar 2023 Recap This year's Intersolar was once again a huge success. We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth.  For everyone else, here are a few insights into…   Mehr erfahren
Contact details  
Würzburg Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH - Hauptsitz Würzburg Carl-Zeiss-Str. 4 97076 Würzburg Deutschland Tel.: 0931 25064-0 Fax: 0931 25064-102 Hotline für Service-Kunden: 0800 0 365724 E-Mail:…   Mehr erfahren
Photovoltaics on bitumen roofs  
Find out here what you need to consider when installing roof systems on bitumen.   Mehr erfahren
PV on bitumen roofs  
What needs to be considered during installation? If a solar installation is mounted on a bitumen roof, as with all roofs, care must be taken to ensure that it is structurally sound: The support…   Mehr erfahren
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