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Tips for your online application.

A meaningful application is the first step towards a successful career at SENS. Therefore, we would like to give the following tips for your online application:

1. Read the job ad precisely

Read the job ad precisely. The job profile should be in line with your ideas regarding an exciting workplace and your competencies should comply with the requirements mentioned above. If you still have questions, just call our contact person.

2. Convince us with your cover letter

Sure enough, correct grammar and spelling are important. However, we are particularly interested in why you want to work with us and why you believe that you are the right candidate for the job advertised. Therefore, your letter should be personalised and reflect your personality. Please make sure your letter covers a maximum of one page and conveys how you became aware of us.

3. Refer your qualifications

Give an overview of the previous stages and experiences that could be of interest for your work here in your resume. Of course, your most important testimonials must not be missing. We are especially happy to see social commitment. Always remember - sometimes less is more. Therefore, only provide your really relevant documents.

4. Starting date & desired salary

Do not forget to mention your first possible entry date as well as your target salary in your application. This is especially important for applicants seeking a permanent position. Students and applicants for internships need not make these indications - the earliest starting date is sufficient.

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