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Maximise the energy yield of your PV system with permanent solar monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our team of experts can precisely monitor and analyse the performance of your system and intervene if necessary. In this way, we prevent cost-intensive failures and ensure a reliable energy yield all year round. A realisable dream for every system owner, with photovoltaic system monitoring from SENS. This is because efficient monitoring is essential for the smooth operation of solar systems.


Your benefits of system monitoring

PV monitoring for your photovoltaic system

Solar monitoring with artificial intelligence

Solarpark iin Germany of SENS

We develop, build and maintain your solar system - on the ground and on the roof.


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Photovoltaic monitoring 365 days a year.

Troubleshooting by an experienced service team.

Maximise the profitability of your solar system.

Your benefits of system monitoring

Error? Recognised!

Thanks to an automated ticketing system, we are notified directly of any anomalies in your system. This means that faults can be recognised in less than 15 minutes.

Error? Recognised!

Thanks to an automated ticketing system, we are notified directly of any anomalies in your system. This means that faults can be recognised in less than 15 minutes.

Yield losses? Not with us!

Thanks to the immediate fault reporting and fast response time of our service team, your PV system has very short or no downtimes.


PV monitoring
for your PV


With our monitoring service, we keep an eye on your photovoltaic system around the clock.

Solar system monitoring with Sensaia by SENS and iqony

Our team takes care of permanent system monitoring. You benefit from the following services:

  • Monitoring of yield, grid feed-in and self-consumption via a digital dashboard in our online portal
  • Immediate initiation of measures (modern ticket system) to rectify the problem
  • Active information for system operators about faults
  • Customised creation of reports incl. irradiation data, energy production and fault log
  • Freely selectable reporting intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Optional monitoring of feed-in and consumption meters (depending on the technical requirements of the meters)

If our team notices anything while monitoring your solar system, our service technicians will take care of replacing the relevant components on site to ensure the smooth operation of the PV system. This ensures the performance of your photovoltaic system.

Predictive instead of corrective maintenance

During corrective maintenance, solar system data is monitored remotely. If deviations occur, a technician is sent on site to rectify the fault. However, this model harbours the risk that operating errors are only detected late, when yield losses or damage have already occurred. This is where AI-based methods for monitoring solar installations come into play. They can predict impending system problems before a malfunction occurs, which is why this is referred to as "predictive maintenance". Find out more here.

Solar monitoring with artificial intelligence


SENS and Iqony have jointly developed the Sensaia software - an AI software solution for asset management, predictive maintenance and monitoring of solar installations. Sensaia offers the option of storing and analysing all of a solar park's data centrally stored and analysed in one software package. Using artificial intelligence, Sensaia can recognise potential sources of error before they occur. This saves valuable time to maintain the efficiency of systems. 

Discover the future of PV monitoring with Sensaia.


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Head of Operation & Maintenance


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We offer professional system monitoring for solar parks and large rooftop systems. If you are looking for monitoring solutions for photovoltaic systems on single-family homes, please click here.


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