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Sensaia - AI Software for Solar Systems

The AI software solution for asset management, predictive maintenance and monitoring

Increased Efficiency
for your Solar System

Sensaia offers you the possibility
to store and analyse all data of your
solar park centrally in one software.
Through artificial intelligence Sensaia
can detect possible source of errors
even before they occur. This saves you
valuable time in order to maintain the
efficiency of your plant. Discover the
future of solar monitoring now with


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Centralised management of your solar plant data in real time


Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting topics of the coming years. With Sensaia, you can already use artificial intelligence now to take the monitoring and alarm management of your solar plant to the next level. Sensaia's algorithms have been developed and tested for more than 10 years to ensure that the software detects faults in your system before they occur. Predictive maintenance therefore brings you advantages for the efficiency and planning of your solar system.

The flexible software allows you to design your individual measurement interface so Sensaia meets your exact wishes and requirements. In doing so, you decide on which priorities the focus should be.

AI data for a smart workflow

Holistic evaluation & optimisation of assets

Combining data from several sources in one tool

Automatic reporting and alert notifications

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