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Iqony Sens location: working and living in Würzburg

Welcome to Würzburg, the most beautiful city on the Main and home to the headquarters of Iqony Sens!

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SENSineers at the Würzburg site

Würzburg is characterized by its central location and the successful infrastructure of the surrounding area

After hours in Würzburg

Wine is the cult drink of the Würzburg region

Taking it easy: Shopping, dining and nightlife in Würzburg

With lots of opportunity to shop around, Würzburg’s city centre likewise features a number of cafés, pubs and restaurants to relax in. Popular festivals like the “Frühjahrsvolksfest” and “Kiliani”, as well as “Umsonst & Draußen” or the famous Africa Festival – Europe’s largest for African music and culture – are great ways to jump right in.

Wine lovers can definitely get their money’s worth in Würzburg. Vinous festivals are always popping up in and around the city, such as the “Weindorf” and the “Weinparade”, held annually on Würzburg’s market square. The “Wein am Stein” festival in particular grants you a gorgeous view of the city from the vineyards. And if you can’t find a festival in time, enjoy a glass on the historical Old Main Bridge! 

Fostering your creativity: Culture and nature in and around Würzburg

The Old Main Bridge is one of the city’s staple attractions, along with the Marienberg Fortress, the Würzburg Residence (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the historic Old Town. Sauntering through narrow alleys and past vintage houses, you can breathe in the time-honoured atmosphere of the city. Würzburg is also distinguished by a wide range of cultural activities. The Mainfranken Theatre is famous for its opera, ballet and drama productions. Keen to explore Würzburg’s outdoors? Local recreational areas, exquisite parks and gardens, including the Gramschatzer Wood, the Ring Park, the Botanical Gardens or the Court Garden and the Main Promenade are all well worth a visit.

University of Würzburg

Furthering your education: Würzburg as a place of learning

For school and academic careers, the city is home to the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg and the Würzburg-Schweinfurt Technical University of Applied Sciences (THWS), as well as approx. 47 general education schools and numerous vocational schools. And with almost 80 kindergartens, day nurseries and day cares up to primary school age, the children are all taken care of too.

Together with the team: Sports in the city

Sports enthusiasts can feel at home in Würzburg in no time. Countless sports clubs in and around the city offer a wide range of physical activities. Würzburg is also home to the Würzburg Baskets basketball team and a regional football league team, the Würzburger Kickers, while the Rimparer Wolves handball team hang their gear in Rimpar, not far from Würzburg. Cyclists and hikers can find plenty of spaces to explore, since Würzburg is located in the middle of the Franconian vineyards, serving an ideal starting point for tours along the Main.

Travelling with ease: On the road by car, bike or public transport

There are well-used, good tram and bus connections as well as plentiful parking facilities (e.g. Talavera free car park) in the city. Connections to larger cities such as Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart are also very good. Frankfurt can be reached in about 1.5 hours via the A3 motorway, Nuremberg in about one via the A81 and Stuttgart is also just 1.5 away. Taking the A7 lets you easily reach destinations in the north and the south of Germany. Würzburg’s optimal rail connections, in all directions, allow for fast and convenient travel, making the region thus not only an attractive location for businesses, but also offering its residents plenty of good infrastructure and high quality of life.

Würzburg as the capital of Lower Franconia

Just beyond Würzburg, the entire region of Lower Franconia also offers exciting attractions and romantic highlights. Visit quaint wine villages along famous vinous routes like the “Frankenstraße” (Franken Road) or Romantic Road, where you can enjoy robust Franconian wines in a bucolic atmosphere and lush valley-side landscape.

Another beautiful getaway can be found in the Rhön Low Mountain Range, 75 minutes by car. Fenlands, skiing hills, hiking trails and the Wasserkuppe mountain, with its adjacent toboggan run, make the Range a very popular destination.

Würzburg Knowledge

As you’ve probably noticed, Würzburg is a wine region! The noble drop is often found in a bulbous bottle: the Bocksbeutel. Haven’t heard of it before?

The Bocksbeutel’s appearance is characterised by a spherical, flattened-ellipsoid bottle shape that tapers towards the top. Due to its unique shape, the Bocksbeutel has become a symbol for Franconian wines, at the same time serving as a trademark for the quality and authenticity of them. The mostly green glass protects the wine from harmful light, while the bulbous body allows for optimal maturation.

Working at Iqony Sens
in Würzburg

Our headquarters in Würzburg in three words: modern, familiar, visionary.

Application procedures - The future is waiting

The modern building with a large glass front boasts a panoramic view of the countryside and city, enjoyable from inside our own company kitchen or on our spacious rooftop terrace.

Every day, SENSineers gather in the kitchen for a communal lunch break to enjoy delicious regional dishes prepared by our talented in-house cook. Here you can eat well, relax and recharge to jump right back into shaping the future with 100% Good Energy.

Take in some sun and Good Energy on our rooftop terrace, catching a breath of fresh air or even taking part in some “active breaks” during spring and summer. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Other benefits that await you in our office:

  • E-charging points
  • Adjacent park for walking
  • Fully ergonomic workplaces
  • Health perks (e.g. massages, active breaks)
  • Fresh fruit, coffee and water dispenser
  • And much more…

Curious to know what it’s really like? You can take a look at our video to get some insight into the Würzburg HQ.


Travelling by car or public transport? Get directions to our location here:


A map that show directions to the office building of SENS in Würzburg

Here you can find the map to the SENS office. You can reach our building via Faulenbergstraße. Pass McDonalds, stay on Faulenbergstraße, keep left and drive over the yellow speed bump until the entrance to the Iqony Sens office building is signposted on the right. From here you can easily find your way to our main entrance, where you are welcome to report to the reception team.


The Würzburg office is an excellent work environment, where you’re fully supported in your projects and surrounded by great colleagues in an ideal space for productivity and exchanging ideas. Of course, we also offer the flexibility of remote working.

Remote work

Remote working at Iqony Sens – in consultation with your direct supervisor and depending on the field of activity – is possible for all employees in principle, regardless of whether they are in a permanent, work-study or apprenticeship position or internship.
This particularly benefits those who have to travel further to get to Würzburg, but everyone at SENS can greatly benefit from the increased flexibility and improved work-life balance. Employees stay in regular contact via chats and video conferencing in Microsoft Teams. Remote working makes it all the nicer, though, when you meet again on site to talk things through in-person.

“Visiting the Würzburger Käppele (Little Chapel) is always a highlight for me. You’re rewarded with an absolutely beautiful view of the city, making the 300+ steps to the top worth it. You can even get a nice look at the Käppele from the SENS office building.”

Hanna Klüpfel, Marketing Manager at Iqony Sens


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