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SENS Location Madrid

in Madrid


SENS Ibérica was founded in 2010 and is based in the capital city of Madrid.

Throughout Spain, the 80-strong team at Iqony Solar Energy Solutions Ibérica S.L.U. is responsible for the turnkey development, EPC services as well as service and maintenance of large-scale plants. In addition to its headquarters, the Spanish subsidiary also operates from sunny Seville in southern Spain.

Madrid - the capital of Spain

The vibrant capital of Spain not only harbours a rich culture and impressive architecture, but also some fascinating features: The Palacio Real, Madrid's imposing royal palace, stands out as one of the largest royal palaces in the world - even larger than Buckingham Palace in London. To protect and emphasise Madrid's beautiful architecture, the city, unlike other European capitals, does not have a pronounced skyline of skyscrapers. Instead, a strict regulation ensures that the historic architecture is preserved.


SENS Location Sevilla

in Sevilla 


In addition to the capital city, SENS Ibérica also provides Good Energy in Spain from sunny Seville.

In Seville, the team at SENS subsidiary Iqony Solar Energy Solutions (Ibérica) S.L.U. is responsible for project development, maintenance and operational management of PV systems. With this location, SENS Ibérica has found its second site in the south of Spain and operates from there hand in hand with the head office in Madrid.


Sevilla - the sunny capital of Spain

The radiant capital of Andalusia seduces visitors with its unique charm. The city's flair unfolds in the narrow streets of the historic Santa Cruz district - where beautiful squares with cosy tapas bars are hidden. 
Seville is also known for its sunny climate and is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. With an average of over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, the city offers an abundance of radiant sunshine. The summer months are particularly hot, while in the winter months the climate remains mild and the sun is a constant companion for visitors and locals alike. These hours of sunshine contribute to Seville's lively atmosphere and Mediterranean flair.


Our sunny locations in Madrid and Seville radiate good energy: The mix of cultural diversity and a dynamic business environment is the perfect foundation for growing success!

Oscar Page, Managing Director SENS Ibérica

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