Rocky road to green electricity

SENS installs 25 megawatts of solar power in Küpfendorf


If you step out of the shadows of the forest in Steinheim am Albuch, on the Swabian Alb, the view opens up to the district of Küpfendorf, which is nestled in the green landscape. When there is no snow, the settlement is surrounded by wide, green meadows, which are now to support the expansion of solar energy. SENS is realising this with a solar park of around 25 MWp for the community.

SENS as an EPC service provider: everything from a single source

Construction work began in March 2023 near Steinheim am Albuch in southern Germany. Around 45,000 solar modules have been installed on the site, which now have a total output of 25 MWp since the solar park was commissioned. This means approximately 28,000 MWh of Good Energy for the community and an estimated 13,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction per year.


Ramming the posts
Finalising the substructure
Module assembly
Solar park under construction in Küpfendorf

Stronger than the rocky ground

The experienced SENS team faced a particular challenge during the planning and construction of the ground-mounted PV system in Küpfendorf: the area that has now been converted into a solar source consists of extremely rocky ground. The result? The piles for the module tables could not be anchored in the ground as usual. The solution? Appropriate drill holes in the ground made it possible to anchor the piles - an impressive endeavour.

"What I find particularly impressive is how solution-orientated the entire team is when it comes to tackling such challenges," says Christian Müller, project manager of the solar park in Küpfendorf at SENS. "We have a common goal: to increase the proportion of solar energy in large steps through our successful projects. This requires a strong team, innovative thinking and solutions that go beyond the norm," says Müller, summarising the project.

Four machines drilled the holes for anchoring the driven piles in the ground

Good Energy as a goal

The project was realised for the client Vento Ludens, a company that handles renewable energy projects and thus pursues the goal of becoming independent of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. A goal that fits in with the endeavours of SENS: Reducing CO2 emissions and creating the future with Good Energy.

Nine kilometres through stony ground

In addition to drilling the holes for the module tables, SENS also took on the planning and turnkey installation of the connection to the local grid: a cable route approximately nine kilometres long now ensures that the solar power arrives where it is needed.

At a glance:



 Solar modules

 approx. 45,000

 Total output

 approx. 25 MWp

 Total electricity generation

 approx. 28,000 MWh per year

 Annual CO2 savings

 approx. 13,000 tonnes



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Images: SENS

Published: 7 March 2024

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