Solar and wind go hand in hand

Iqony Sens will develop solar and wind projects in future and is increasingly focussing on IPP 


Iqony, the green growth division of the Essen-based STEAG Group, is merging its solar and wind business into a joint business unit. The subsidiary, under whose umbrella both business areas will be bundled in future, has been operating as Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions GmbH (Iqony Sens) since 30 May 2024.


"The integration of the two previous business units into a single, even more efficient and powerful unit is a decisive step for us on our way from project developer to one of the leading European producers of renewable energy," explains Dr Andreas Reichel, CEO and Labour Director of STEAG and Iqony.

Under the leadership of the two Managing Directors André Kremer and Joël Wagner, Iqony Sens will realise synergies along the entire value chain of onshore wind and large-scale PV.

Future strategic orientation

The business of the new business unit is based on two pillars: Project development and management are bundled in the IPP (Independent Power Producer) division. The electricity, which will be increasingly self-generated in future, will then be marketed via the Group's own Iqony trading division.

The EPC and O&M (Engineering, Procurement, Construction plus Operations & Maintenance) division comprises the construction and maintenance of plants in the Wind and PV sectors. 

"So far, we have been a valued partner primarily for the development, EPC and O&M services of individual PV systems," says André Kremer, Managing Director of Iqony Sens. "In future, we will dovetail our many years of experience in the solar industry more closely with Iqony's wind expertise and keep it within the company for the long term in the IPP sector." 

"As an Independent Power Producer, we will not only be able to provide significantly more base load-capable electricity, we are also focusing on a future in which renewable energy sources play the leading role in the global energy market," adds Joël Wagner, Managing Director of Iqony Sens.


Upcoming wind and PV projects

With the integration of the two areas of solar and wind, Iqony Sens will assume the role of an integrated plant operator and energy producer in addition to its strong position as a project developer and service provider. To date, the company's own wind and solar parks have an installed capacity of around 250 megawatts (MW); Iqony is aiming to quadruple this portfolio by the end of the decade.

For example, Iqony was recently awarded the contract for the planned Mosbach wind farm (with an installed capacity of around 61 MW) in the Neckar-Odenwald district of Baden-Württemberg. Iqony's many years of experience in working closely with municipal partners and the local population to realise wind farms, as well as its attractive participation options for landowners, were convincing.

In the PV sector, the realisation of an EPC project in Wensickendorf recently began. This will create a PV park with an installed capacity of over 32 megawatts (MWp). The expected annual generation of over 33,000 megawatt hours (MWh) will ensure structural savings of an estimated 5,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

Milestone Asterion entry

Last year, the Spanish infrastructure investor Asterion took over Iqony's parent company STEAG. "This will enable us to accelerate the transformation of our company and invest even more heavily in our own projects in future," says STEAG CEO Andreas Reichel. Against this background, the integration of the wind and PV competences is a further significant milestone in the strategic realignment of the STEAG Group as a whole.

Exchange at the Intersolar

Iqony Sens will be discussing the strategic realignment of its business model at Intersolar in Munich (19-21 June). In addition to the project experts, the two Managing Directors André Kremer and Joël Wagner will also be available for discussions at booth A4.280.

Please feel free to drop by or contact our press spokesman Daniel Mühlenfeld in advance.


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Image: Windpower GmbH

Published: 10 June 2024

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