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Energy Monitor at BURGER GROUP

Im Zuge der Einführung eines Energiemanagementsystems nach DIN EN ISO 50001, im Jahr 2015 hat sich die BURGERGRUPPE dazu entschieden, den Energy Monitor bei der SBS-Feintechnik GmbH & Co. KG und der KBS-Spritztechnik GmbH zu implementieren.

It was aim of the implementation to make the load behaviour of energy consumers and providers more visible and to analyse the energy flows of the company. Furthermore, a substantial data base was needed for the implementation of the energy management system and the energetic analysis had to be simplified. The automatic calculation and regular reporting of energy KPIs also help the energy team of BURGERGRUPPE in their daily work.

At the beginning, a measuring concept for the two locations was developed in cooperation with the energy team. Both existing energy meters were taken into account and additional energy measuring instruments were planned and installed to record the relevant consumers and energy producers. At SBS-Feintechnik GmbH both solar and run-water power are available for regenerative own energy generation. Furthermore, compressed air meters are used for monitoring the compressed air system and calculating specific figures.

All energy data of the two companies are now always available in the central energy monitor for the energy team, purchasing and management. For regular and efficient control of the relevant data and key figures, the system automatically generates energy reports and sends them to the responsible employees. This ensures that the control of the energy data and key figures is also offline without using the system active and without having the responsible person to log into the system.

The purchase of the monitoring system including the measurement technology was supported by the ministry of economic affairs and export control within the special program for the support of energy management systems. SBS-Feintechnik GmbH & Co. KG, the leading brand of the BURGERGRUPPE, is a provider of customer-specific drive solutions. The broad spectrum of system solutions ranges from classic cuckoo clock technology, medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, household, and building technology to the automotive industry.

KBS-Spritztechnik GmbH as part of the BURGERGRUPPE manufactures complex plastic parts for drive solutions made of metal and plastic or rubber. We manufacture customized injection molded parts from 0.1g to 200g part weight from all technical and high-performance plastics. 

OPTENDA, ehem. GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency GmbH, mit Sitz in Stuttgart bietet ihren Kunden ganzheitliche und individuelle Lösungen in den Bereichen Energiemonitoring, Energiemanagement, Optimierung der Energieeffizienz von Gebäuden, technisches Anlagen und Prozessen sowie zur Senkung von Energiekosten.

Quote of Mr. Christian Kosch, Energy Management Commissioner:

“Thanks to the integrated management system in conjunction with the OPTENDA energy monitor, it has been possible to save more than € 400,000 in energy costs since the system was introduced in 2015. The support and service provided by OPTENDA with regard to the continuous optimisation of all energy parameters and technical solutions is exemplary and very customer-oriented.”