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Energy storage systems for industrial applications


Whether in industry, commerce or trade: your electricity costs are a relevant factor.

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In addition, many companies have the problem of peak loads, which further increase their electricity costs. Investing in an energy storage system can make a real difference here, and provide you with a stable and cost-efficient power supply. We will be happy to advise you and take care of everything, from the design to the implementation and management of your storage facility.

Energy storage systems offer a range of advantages, especially in combination with photovoltaic systems and electric charging stations. At the same time, integrated solar systems and charging stations contribute to grid stabilisation, act as a decentralised supply facility and enable interim storage at times of excess production and consumption peaks.

Storage solution for a stable and cost-efficient power supply in the company

Your battery storage benefits at a glance:

  •  Avoiding peak loads
  •  Reducing energy costs
  •  Using PV to store green energy
  •  Becoming more independent of energy suppliers
  •  Interim storage in the event of excess production
  •  The option of operating your own e-charging stations
  •  Electricity storage units for emergency power supply
  •  Maximising supply security

SENS helps you with the optimum design and integration of your storage system. We support you in designing an energy storage system based on historical load curves and a comprehensive analysis of your consumption data. In addition, we analyse your annual load duration curve and evaluate the peak loads experienced by your company.

If you would like to learn more about our energy storage systems, why not give us a call right now or send us an E-Mail.

Storage as a
component in
the smart grid

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They are perfectly suited to capping peak loads or balancing fluctuations between production and consumption. Energy storage units are also suitable in connection with renewable energies such as PV systems in order to make the energy available outside of the power generation phases of the modules.

With an energy storage system you can also make your location capable of absorbing the temporary charging requirements of e-mobility without needing to pay for an expensive network upgrade. We take care of the expert design, system selection, implementation and optimal management of your energy storage system and smart grid - securely and competently thanks to our many years of experience in this field.

By the way: our specialists at OPTENDA also offer you the ideal tool for monitoring your overall energy consumption.

Energy storage systems for photovoltaics

Storage concepts are ideal in connection with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV) systems. During the day, for example, electricity is produced by the PV system. The surplus power which is not used during the day is stored and can then be used at times when energy requirements are greater.

As a result, the combination of a PV system with an energy storage unit makes more effective use of locally produced electricity. This also plays an important role in load management and the calculation of electricity costs.

How can you minimise costs by using an energy storage system?

If your electricity consumption is greater than 100,000 kWh, the electricity price you pay will also be based on the highest consumption level within a specific year. Consequently, the higher the (one-off) power consumed, the higher the energy costs will be. You should therefore keep a constant eye on your company’s consumption in this respect.

The maximum power consumption level can be reduced with the help of the energy storage system. If a previously defined power peak is reached, the additional consumption/energy required is covered by the storage system. This effectively reduces peak loads and energy costs.

Customised solutions: individual, competent and independent

  •  Everything from a single source: from planning to commissioning we are at your side as efficient partners
  •  Our consultancy services are independent of specific manufacturers
  •  We can calculate the exact capacity required for your storage system on the basis of your locational factors
  • Our Energy Systems division is the ideal partner for rooftop PV systems
  •  Interim storage in the event of excess production
  •  Achieve greater independence from the energy supplier
  •  Counteract rising energy costs
  •  Electricity storage units for emergency power supply

Where else can the storage unit be used?

With the installation of a local storage system you will benefit from further positive effects for your company.

This is because with an electricity storage system you have taken the first step towards expanding your e-mobility charging infrastructure without having to finance an expensive network extension. You can use the stored energy to charge electric vehicles.

During this process, excess energy is stored in the electricity storage unit and used to operate the charging stations. This keeps additional costs for charging electric vehicles to a minimum.

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