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At a time when energy costs are rising continuously, the need for efficient energy management is becoming increasingly clear. Whether trade, industry or commerce - almost every company is faced with the challenge of improving its energy efficiency in order to reduce costs and protect the environment.

We make energy monitoring simple and transparent - with the energy monitoring software Energy Monitor from our subsidiary OPTENDA.

Why energy management? 

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Why energy

Energy management is the targeted use of strategies, measures and technologies to optimise a company's energy consumption.

Energy monitoring

By monitoring, analysing and controlling energy consumption, efficiency potential can be identified and implemented. Energy management is a decisive factor in controlling energy consumption, reducing costs and operating more sustainably. With the Energy Monitor software, the Iqony Sens subsidiary OPTENDA offers an effective way to implement energy management easily.

An energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 enables your company to continuously improve internal processes and systems and achieve energy targets. It automates the process and makes it easier to identify potential savings. It therefore makes an important contribution to increased energy efficiency and improved climate protection management. You too can benefit from the opportunities offered by modern energy monitoring software such as Energy Monitor!

Your advantages with energy monitoring

Cost savings: By closely monitoring energy consumption, companies can identify potential savings and implement efficient measures. The result is sustainable cost savings that strengthen the company's financial performance.

Environmental protection: Energy management enables companies to improve their ecological footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions can thus be minimised and the environmental impact reduced. This contributes to sustainability and climate protection.

Transparency and control: Energy monitoring software provides companies with a detailed overview of their energy consumption. Analyses and reports give you full control over your energy efficiency measures - with less effort required for data collection and processing.

Compliance and certifications: Companies that take energy management seriously and use appropriate software can fulfil legal requirements and obtain certifications in the energy sector in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. This strengthens your image and competitiveness.

Employee engagement: Energy management software enables employees to actively participate in the energy-saving process. Through transparency and notifications, you can make your contribution, create awareness and promote a sustainable working environment.

energy monitoring

Put an end to rising energy costs - make your energy consumption measurable, transparent and analysable!

Would you like to keep an eye on your energy costs, create energy reports at the touch of a button and digitise and optimise your business processes?

With the Energy Monitor from OPTENDA you have a tool that makes energy monitoring easy: detect consumption peaks, analyse your electricity consumption or determine the actual energy costs per product - in as much detail as you like and continuously expandable.

Your benefits with the Energy Monitor:

  • Fulfilment of all requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Automated recording of all types of energy with an unlimited number of measurement and data points
  • Independence from measurement technology manufacturers and simple integration into existing measurement infrastructure
  • Unlimited number of user accounts and specifiable access rights possible
  • Flexibly customisable dashboards for the individual presentation of the most important information and analyses

Request a free trial account from our experts today and convince yourself of the system's high level of user-friendliness and versatile analysis options!

Customised measurement concept as a prerequisite for successful energy monitoring

In order to make informed decisions based on energy data, a customised and comprehensive measurement concept is crucial. It provides an overview of the entire measurement infrastructure and forms the basis for the simple and effective recording of all energy flows within a company. This makes it one of the most important factors influencing the success of your energy management!

We support you in recording energy flows and visualising them transparently. Together, we develop a suitable measurement concept, determine suitable measurement points and the ideal meter and sensor hardware and integrate all measurement points into the Energy Monitor.

True to the name OPTENDA - OPTimize ENergy by DAta – our experts for energy management and optimisation start wherever energy is consumed.

Benefit from our many years of experience!


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Energy management SENS

Good to know

Increasing energy efficiency through energy audits

Under the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), all companies in Germany that do not meet the definition of an SME are obliged to carry out an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 every four years. Irrespective of this obligation, a standardised energy audit offers many advantages.

It provides a comprehensive overview of all energy flows and energy costs in the company. This gives companies a clear insight into their energy consumption and enables them to identify potential energy savings. The measures identified in the energy audit to maximise efficiency potential save costs, energy and CO2. As a result, the energy balance can be optimised and the company can operate more sustainably. For companies in the manufacturing industry, an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1 is also a prerequisite for tax refunds from the Peak Equalisation Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV) or a special equalisation scheme under the EEG.

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