New Internet presence of GILDEMEISTER energy solutions

New web presence

New look - a fresh breeze: the new GILDEMEISTER energy solutions website presents itself youthful and dynamic ...

... that's why it represents us perfectly!


GILDEMEISTER energy solutions has a new web presence including a fresh design and a modern technical basis. We had the aim to show the positive energy of our company and the particular teamspirit you can feel at GILDEMEISTER energy solutions. This worked out because of the help of our employees. They played a part in conceptions as they acted as models and therefore enabled us to show scenes of authentic working life. The new structure of the page invites to discover our scope of work, also optimised for mobile devices of course. Shortly you will find us as well in the world of social media - let us surprise you!

Update: Since July 2019, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions has been operating as STEAG Solar Energy Solutions with the brand name SENS.

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