Sustainability Report 2018

Focus on sustainability

Den Energieverbrauch konzernweit im Blick – OPTENDA (bis April 2020 GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency) sorgt dafür

The OPTENDA experts are best known for the visualisation and optimisation of energy consumption. The Stuttgart-based subsidiary of SENS, formerly GILDEMEISTER energy solutions, serves, among other things, the energy management of the DMG MORI Group. A new energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 has already been launched in 2015 and has been certified for the first time in February 2016. Currently the energy management system is in successful operation at 36 out of 74 locations of DMG MORI. Overall this system provides an overview of more than 80 % of the energy consumption. The corporation´s republished sustainability report informs about current plans, goals and achievements about its sustainable development. We are pleased that OPTENDA contributes to a more sustainable engineering group through the maintenance of DMG MORIs energy management systems. OPTENDA played a determining part in DMG MORIs energy policy. With this policy the whole company is committed to a responsible use of energy and resources and the accompanying reduction of CO2. Group-wide concrete goals have been defined such as continuous reduction of the group´s total energy consumption with constant or increasing sales figures, the development and expansion of energy monitoring concepts at the European branches as well as project-based savings of 1,000,000 kWh by the end of 2020.

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