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Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role for your company? You are not alone! An efficient energy supply is becoming an increasingly important aspect for almost all sectors in times of scarce resources and rising energy costs.


An optimal basis for well-founded decisions is high-quality first-hand information. Here we can help you. In our Roadshow ENERGY EFFICIENCY 360 °, which will surely stop you in your area, we will be highlighting topics related to the energy management of companies. Not only cost savings are in the foreground, also environmental aspects and the compliance with legal regulations play a role. Our experts inform you comprehensively and up to date.

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The following program items are planned as part of the workshops:
  • Energy management in industry: savings concepts and energy data monitoring
  • Energy efficiency measures holistically considered (compressed air, lighting, heat, cold)
  • Implementation support and funding programs
  • Energy efficiency in practice with the example of the host
  • Possibly. Company tour (depending on the venue)


The participation fee for the full-day workshop (including meals) amounts to per person 99, - € plus VAT.

Mr. Anton Pagendarm, Division Manager of TECH EE GmbH and Head of Energy Efficiency 360 ° Cooperation, will lead the program as moderator.

Unsere Roadshow macht deutschlandweit Station. Die jeweils aktuellen Termine finden Sie unter Messen & Veranstaltungen.

Since the number of participants is limited, we ask you to pre-register by e-mail. All information is available at the registration deadline, you will receive a confirmation.

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