PV solar park in Kyakhtinsky, Siberia

75 MW under construction in Russia

STEAG Solar Energy Solutions will also be represented in Siberia in the future

The Russian success story continues: This month, SENS celebrates its market entry in Siberia. As with the previous projects in East Europe, this again is a project of the joint venture partners SENS and the LSG Group. The partnership is responsible for the localisation, qualification und construction of the new solar parks.

Around 4,500 kilometres east of Moscow, open-space installations of 15 MW each are to be built at the Kabansk, Pribaikalsky, Tarbagataisky, Kyakhtinsky and Chita sites by the end of December 2019. “We are delighted to be entering an underrated market with the construction of new solar parks in Sibiria”, says Christian Kleinhans, Head of Project Development at STEAG Solar Energy Solutions. According to Kleinhans, projects of this size are quite the exception in Siberia so far.

This is due to the difficult parametres on site, such as the weather conditions. Nevertheless, it can be stated that the solar radiation compared to the other Russian sites of the solar parks built by GLSG is similarly high: According to forecasts, the parks will produce just under 20 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. According to the weather forecasts, June is the sunniest month in the area with peak temperatures reaching 40 ° C at this time of year.

The new locations are 4,300 kilometres away from previous projects in Russia. The projects in Kabansk, Pribaikalsky and Tarbagataisky will be realised for LLC Terrawatt RUS. The solar parks in Kyakhtinsky and in Tschita will be planned for LLC Solargeneration RUS. According to the technical specifications, 75,000 kWp will be installed at the new locations. The starting signal for the new PV parks was already given. At least 70 percent of the components must come from Russian production for these projects as well.


Picture: Sebastian Burdis
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