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Global Director Organisational Development & IT

"Employees who identify problems are supported and challenged to assume a high degree of responsibility."



Career start:
Responsibility and travel in the work study

Coming to the end of my bachelor's degree (Economics) at the University Würzburg I realised that I have collected a lot of theoretical knowledge but barely no practical experience. On the lookout for a working student job I saw a job advertisement for an Assistant to Management at SENS. My first expectations were making coffee, scaning documents and preparing meetings. However, that became just a small part of my new work. In fact, I have gained exciting insights in all divisions, have received a chance to plan and realise my own small projects and quickly became part of a unique team.

I am motivated every day by the excellent management and the collegial atmosphere.While at university everybody fights for their own goals and sees the success only at the end of a semester, at the company you will get direct feedback and work in a team for the same goals. The team at SENS is very young and even managers are open for new suggestions from students.

Thus, I was able to independently supervise a TÜV certification for which I also travelled to Italy and Spain.



Career at SENS:
From working student to Global Director

In mid-2017, I successfully completed my Master's degree in Business Management and then started as a Business Process Manager at SENS. Here, I had the benefit from my previous work as a student trainee. During this time, I recognised the potential that lies in optimising processes. In my next position, I was Head of IT and BPM (Business Process Management) and thus assumed leadership responsibility for my team. Meanwhile, as Global Director Organisational Development & IT, I am in charge of four departments. As a team, we take care of IT, our ERP landscape, process management and organisational development at SENS. What I particularly like about my job is that I have the feeling that I am part of a growth process and that my work contributes to our joint success.



Own development and teamwork

Every day brings new challenges, which gives me the opportunity to learn something new and to grow beyond myself. SENS also offers its employees a modern work environment and a high level of benefits, especially for a medium-sized company. Among other things, we have active health management, various sports activities, and regular team events.

Lena talks about these events and her career at SENS in the interview.

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