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Design Engineer

University and work:
Apprenticeship as a draughtswoman & geodesy studies lead to the PV industry

After my apprenticeship as a draughtswoman, I went on to study geodesy (the science of measuring and mapping the earth's surface) at Dresden University of Technology. My main focus was on land readjustment (provision and reorganisation of building land) as well as photogrammetry (image measurement) and remote sensing (obtaining information about the earth's surface). During my professional career, in addition to surveying land, I also took on the project planning of photovoltaic plants, which introduced me to the field of renewable energy. After various stations, I was able to gain ten years of experience in the field of project engineering and surveying in regional as well as international photovoltaic projects.

Since January 2022, I have been part of the Iqony Sens family and work in the Utility Scale department, which is responsible for the planning and construction of ground-mounted PV plants. I oversee projects from the first draft in the sales phase to detailed planning in the construction phase to as-built documentation. Here, I am particularly motivated by being out on site to see how a plan is put into practice.



Mastering diverse challenges in a team

In the different phases of a project, no two days are the same, which makes the work so varied. Together as a team, we master every challenge and find a relaxing balance in the shared lunch break. The in-house cook at Iqony Sens creates the ideal conditions for this with freshly prepared dishes every day. But even at spontaneous get-togethers in the coffee kitchen in between, there are always exciting conversations. This exchange helps to get to know the entire company better and to approach one or the other challenge with a fresh perspective.



Mentoring programme and departmental introduction

My start at Iqony Sens was made easier by the mentoring programme and the introduction to the various departments in special meetings. This ensured that I got to know the other departments and their colleagues quickly and smoothly, which is something that needs to be reconsidered, especially in times of home office.



Working environment:
Exchange of experience promotes further development

I particularly appreciate the trust that is placed in me within the team and across teams. I am always motivated by the exchange of knowledge between younger and more experienced colleagues. In discussions and joint work, we can all learn from other team members and look beyond our own horizons.



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