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"My highlights at SENS are all about health: both physical and mental."



Coordination and endurance are required

I was born in Worms in Rhineland-Palatinate, one of the oldest cities in Germany. I moved to Mainz in 2017 for my apprenticeship in a tax firm and then worked in a law firm there for a year.

I then moved to Würzburg in summer 2021. I initially worked in a tax firm there for a year before accepting a position as an Accountant at SENS in autumn 2022. In my position, coordination, accuracy and endurance are valuable qualities.

I do all of this alongside my work as a trainer for Zumba, LesMILLS Bodyattack and other fitness classes. This activity gives me a lot of pleasure and allows me to balance my everyday office life.



Exercise, health, personal contact

My highlights at SENS are all about health: both physical and mental. The personal contact at our in-house parties, such as barbecues and Christmas parties, strengthens team spirit and creates a strong sense of togetherness throughout the team - a nice balance to the sometimes stressful working day, especially when the end of the year is approaching in Accounting. That's why we organise our own department party at the end of the year to celebrate the challenges we have overcome together.

My physical health is taken care of within the voluntary health circle at SENS, of which I am a member. The resulting activities such as health days, a Zumba class that I led and my participation in the company run in Würzburg are other highlights that I wouldn't want to miss. But what I will always remember is our dance battle at my first company Christmas party.



Working environment:
Strong together in a hybrid working environment

At SENS, I experience the ideal balance between office work and working from home. Thanks to the high degree of flexibility in terms of time and location in my work as an Accountant, I can organise my work and free time flexibly.

Whether in the office or at home, we have an open communication culture that encourages lively dialogue. There are numerous opportunities to exchange ideas with colleagues and direct managers. This means that everyone can actively participate in what is going on and raise issues that are important to them.



Quick integration thanks to mentoring

Thanks to the SENS mentoring program, I felt very comfortable in a very short time. During my probationary period, I had a direct contact person from another specialist department with whom I could clarify any open questions. This enabled me to make new contacts straight away and get to know the company from different perspectives.

I am excited to see what the future holds for me and look forward to further exciting challenges.

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