Sensaia offers optimum energy production from solar plants trough predictive maintenance

Rising soon: AI-sensation Sensaia

SENS introduces the AI-sensation for solar monitoring at Intersolar Restart 2021

There’s plenty of talk about artificial intelligence – Sensaia is the real thing! Sensaia looks beyond standard monitoring and alarm management, picking up where others leave off. SENS announced the software on its booth at this year’s Intersolar Restart and gave exclusive insights into the innovation. Sensaia offers optimum energy production from solar plants through predictive maintenance based on the experience of using proven algorithms for over 10 years. Valid alarm recognition and intelligent management combined in one interface sets the course for the future and enables a new level of efficiency and planning security.

Asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance with AI

The intelligent software Sensaia will raise the efficiency of solar plants even higher in the future. Users all over the world will profit from obtaining the maximum energy yield from their PV plants.

How does it work? - All the solar park data flow into Sensaia, where they are stored and analysed. Predictive maintenance and the application of artificial intelligence allow precise forecasts to be made about where a system is likely to fail. This allows early effective action, reduces costly downtime and helps in drawing up optimum maintenance schedules. The use of statistical process control (SPC) provides higher fault validity, which in turn can continually raise service quality.

Solar intelligence

With Sensaia, workflows become smarter and solar parks more efficient – not least by combining and holistically evaluating the transferred data. All alarms undergo an immediate AI-based quality test, which refers to historic data records, so that false alarms are excluded. Valid and early fault recognition saves time and money. The problems are addressed directly through the issuing of smart tickets. Whether the focus is on monitoring yield or technical maintenance – Sensaia offers a customised user interface with effective possibilities of automation.

How AI came to the solar sector

The idea of developing intelligent O&M software occurred to the PV experts through many years of experience in monitoring. “Until now, alarms were initiated only after a fault had occurred and not verified before sending. That means the fundamental cause of the problem had first to be found before it could be rectified. In the age of artificial intelligence, we were sure that there had to be a better solution. Together with STEAG, we have developed software that sends us valid alarms in a completely new workflow. This raises solar monitoring to a new level of quality,” explains Christian Franz, Head of Service at SENS, explaining the story of Sensaia.

We are working with our parent company STEAG on its implementation. The solar intelligence software Sensaia was developed from an existing STEAG solution for various energy sources.

Relationship with SENS

Sensaia is very closely connected to the SENS brand. The word Sensaia stands for SENS, AI and Application. The innovative solution benefits from the company’s years of solar expertise. For SENS, on the other hand, the solar intelligence software represents a further step in the direction of innovation and digitalisation.

“Sensaia is far more than just the latest monitoring software. Sensaia gives the plant operator transparency and a fact-based platform for decision-making. Our customers will also gain in future from recommendations for cleaning their PV systems, the optimum replacement time for components and a continuous analysis of their assets, all solidly founded on solar park data and condition. Sensaia rigorously uncovers all deficiencies and the SENS Service Team attends to their rectification. Our aim is to squeeze the maximum out of every plant for our customers,” says André Kremer, Managing Director of SENS.

The future of Sensaia

Sensaia is presently in the final test phase with selected customers. The digital product is planned to be available to all innovative and curious customers from the beginning of next year.

Our test customers can, however, play their part in shaping the software’s innovative features before the final official release. This is because SENS places great importance on close cooperation with partners in the further development of solar intelligence software in order to take PV monitoring to the next level.

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