AI software Sensaia goes live

The Renewable Energy Intelligence Platform Sensaia by Iqony and SENS is live and available for customers


Sensaia - the software for asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance of renewable energy plants is now available for customers. First presented at Intersolar Restart 2021, the software has been tested and optimised over the last few months. In the meantime, almost 80 parks have already been connected and are now being monitored with Sensaia. Thanks to decades of tried-and-tested AI solutions, the maintenance of solar and wind plants becomes more efficient and plannable, which saves expensive outages and service calls. Christian Groß, Product Owner of Sensaia, and Project Manager Florian Dauber talk about milestones, challenges and the motivation behind Sensaia.



What is Sensaia?

Trial with 80 solar parks

Data analysis with AI

Experiences of a trial customer

Increasing development with more customers

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Monitor renewable energy in a smart way

Sensaia is a smart software for people who own, operate or manage renewable energy plants and want to increase their profitability. This is possible by collecting all the data of a solar park or wind turbine on the platform and storing and analysing it there. By using artificial intelligence, it is then possible to make exact predictions about possible sources of error, so-called predictive maintenance. Valid and early error detection saves users money and time, allowing work processes to be carried out with maximum efficiency.


Going live with quality assurance

After a first prototype of the software was presented for the first time at the Intersolar Restart in October 2021, the overarching project team worked on optimising Sensaia in the past months.

To this end, almost 80 solar parks from SENS and external customers were created in the software. In total, this currently monitors a capacity of 178 MWp. "Thanks to feedback from the internal O&M team as well as external customers, the software was able to reach the quality it now has when going live," explains Florian Dauber, project manager at Sensaia. "This offers us an optimal starting point to now further develop the platform in a customer-oriented way."

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AI at the heart of Sensaia

Accordingly, the AI that analyses the data and issues appropriate alerts plays a major role. While Sensaia has taken the big step of going live, the AI behind it already has over ten years of experience. Worldwide, plants with a total installed capacity of over 45 GW are already being monitored, which has allowed the artificial intelligence to be constantly optimised and the algorithm to learn.

Sensaia makes use of this artificial intelligence and enables extensive use cases for your renewable energy system. For example, the software can create pollution forecasts for solar parks or define perfect maintenance periods for wind turbines in periods of low wind.

Dashboard of the AI Software Sensaia

Technical dashboard with individual features 

Alarm dashboard of the AI software SENSAIA | SENS

Alarms are triggered AI-based by Sensaia

Gaining experience

"The test phase of Sensaia in the last few months was a success in every respect," sums up Groß. "Both we as a project team and Sensaia as an AI-based software were able to gather a lot of experience and data in the past months," adds his team colleague Dauber.

And that's how it should continue in the future: "Now it's time to gather more experience with new customers and to continue developing the features. We want to constantly evaluate the feedback we receive and implement it in the best possible way. With the strong team we have at our side, I have no doubts that we can accomplish this together," says Groß, looking forward to the upcoming challenges in the coming months.

Innovation and digitalisation in the renewable sector

"Being involved in the development of the software and now seeing it go live makes me proud and happy," Florian Dauber tells us. "It is incredibly fun for me to work together with the team on a product that has such enormous potential. Sensaia is driving the energy transition and that drives me too," he describes his motivation.

"As an agile team, we are moving forward with great strides and have now created a foundation on which we can build something great. I'm looking forward to show the market what know-how we and Sensaia have," Christian Groß supports his teammate's opinion and motivation.

The Renewable Energy Intelligence platform Sensaia is ready to shape the future of renewable energy. Are you too?

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Images: Mario Schmitt, SENS

Published: 19.01.2023

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