Green energy from the roofs of your business. What are you waiting for?

Modern processes and clever planning make many locations suitable for PV. We offer the optimal solution for your surfaces.

We have been designing and building photovoltaic systems of all sizes for many years. Rooftop constructions are the most frequently realized solutions for our industrial clients. However, open spaces can also be used for producing green electricity.

Today photovoltaic systems often generate electricity at more favorable conditions than electricity from the public grid. Once built, such a system will supply cheap electricity for more than 20 years - at predictable fixed costs. In many cases the complete own consumption of a business can be covered using a PV system. Surplus power can either be fed into the public grid or used to intercept peak loads by applying an intelligent energy concept.

Make yourself independent of rising electricity prices and power providers - find out about the attractive and economical solutions our experts would like to introduce you to.

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions - Industrielösung / Photovoltaik
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Our photovoltaics reference projects

You would like to know which projects we have already realised? Find out in our references.

Customised solutions

Benefit from our expertise. We are pleased to serve you. Learn more about our range of services in the field of energy systems on the following pages.

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