Service of SENS

Quality Management

Your solar power system in the best hands. Guaranteed and certified.


We substantiate this promise not only through our qualified staff and long-term experience: quality management also plays a crucial role in our work.

O&M Quality management SENS

Our customers benefit from high defined standards. Our TÜV-certified specialists ensure consistent, long lasting quality.

Service by Iqony Solar Energy Solutions entails:

  • Clear processes and responsibilities
  • Minimized processing times due to efficient organization
  • Continuous training of employees
  • TÜV-certified Personnel (PersCert TÜV)

Data security is equally important to us. As an element of our offer, we secure your sensitive data during storage and transmission. Active protection measures such as security monitoring and regular data backups also protect your data against loss.

What we offer:

  • Secure VPN by IPSec encryption
  • Data security guarantee for sensitive data in storage and transfer
  • Regular data backups (24)
  • Protection against breach and damage through active security monitoring
  • Data security as a core competence at group level

We are at your service.

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