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If worse comes to worst we are there to help you, as damages can't
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O&M Repair SENS

Despite all precautionary measures, events can occur that damage your solar system or impair its performance. What matters in such an event is rapid intervention. Alerted by our 24/7 monitoring system our service team will appear on site immediately. Errors are usually resolved and damages repaired within two working days, depending on the availability of the necessary materials.

Our comprehensive spare parts management makes us optimally equipped for repairs: with several Megawatt replacement modules and inverters from a wide variety of manufacturers, sizes and kWp classes, as well as transformers, switchgear etc., we ensure that your plant can resume producing power as soon as humanly feasible.

In case of damage you will of course receive a detailed damage report and we will take care of further procedures. These are the services we provide in such cases:

  • Complaints Management
  • Claims settlement with manufacturers and insurance companies
  • Damage report
  • Recycling
  • Receivables management

One thing is for sure: only a functioning solar power system is profitable for the plant operator. When malfunction occurs we are happy to assist you with recommendations for the future and help you to optimize your plant if necessary.

We are at your service.

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