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SENS remains SENS, STEAG becomes Iqony

At the beginning of 2023, SENS was renamed Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH.


SENS looks back with pride on the most successful year of its existence to date. And with great confidence, the PV experts from Würzburg look forward to another year full of positive changes. These include the reorganisation of the parent company STEAG in Essen: a separation into the power plant business "STEAG Power" on the one hand and the growth and future business "Iqony" on the other promises a new energy boost for the future. In this way, the upward trend in renewable energy can also be optimally exploited within the company. For SENS, this not only results in the new name Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH, but also in new scope for action and growth opportunities, as CEO André Kremer tells us in conversation.

SENS as part of the growth and future business

SENS, formerly known as STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH, will now operate as part of the growth and future business Iqony under the name Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH.

"SENS expressly welcomes the parent company's initiative: the allocation to the growth division increases our scope and promotes the further growth of SENS," André Kremer, CEO of SENS, confirms the reorganisation. In a joint interview, he explains the positive changes this will bring for SENS.


New scope for action on the financial market 

"The separation of our parent company STEAG opens up new opportunities for us as SENS on the financial markets. Among other things, the reorganisation allows us to enter the IPP business, meaning operating as an independent power producer," says Kremer, describing the new opportunities under Iqony. As a so-called independent power producer, the electricity generated is not fed into the company's own grid, but into an operator's grid and remunerated.

"For the new year 2023, we will invest in our own projects for the first time on a significant scale, the target is at least 300 megawatts," Kremer explains.


Exploiting huge growth opportunities

SENS already achieved enormous growth last year: this applies to the number and scope of projects as well as the number of employees at the headquarters in Würzburg and in all international subsidiaries. "In the past twelve months, we have once again grown by more than 30%," the managing director sums up 2022, adding "we could have doubled, but the shortage of skilled workers is making itself strongly felt both nationally and internationally."

Under Iqony, this upward trend can now be used even better, as Kremer describes: "In a leading role in the growth business, we can further strengthen our position and achieve our common vision: a future with 100% Good Energy."

SENS remains SENS

At the same time, the core of the company remains the same. SENS is creative, uncomplicated and personal.

In order to adapt to the new structure of the parent company, a formal change of name was carried out without any effect on structures or acting persons at SENS. Likewise, existing contracts and agreements remain unaffected by the change of name.

New logo of Iqony Solar Energy Solutions

And so is the spirit that prevails at SENS: good energy in the team, good energy in cooperation with external parties and good energy as a product of photovoltaic services.

"More than ever, SENS stands for predictable success, on the one hand for our customers and suppliers and on the other hand as a future-oriented, secure employer with great development prospects for employees," Kremer makes clear.

STEAG becomes Iqony

Since July 2019, SENS has been part of the Essen-based energy group STEAG and is driving the expansion of renewable energy within the company. Dividing the company into the power plant business on the one hand and the growth and future business on the other will now give the group more momentum for the future.

The power plant business has already been active on the market as STEAG Power since December 2022, while the growth and future business has been operating as Iqony since the beginning of the year. Iqony stands for individual, intelligent and qualitatively convincing solutions for all energy-related issues.

This puts into practice the promise as a reliable partner in a changing world of energy supply.

Together into a future with 100 % Good Energy

Together with Iqony, SENS is starting with new momentum into a future with 100% Good Energy. Together with partners, customers and suppliers, SENS will continue to live and create Good Energy. Nothing will change, because SENS remains SENS.

About SENS

SENS, the Iqony Solar Energy Solutions Group, is a service provider in the field of renewable energy with headquarter in Würzburg and operations in numerous European countries. SENS is the right partner for everything from project development and turnkey construction of large-scale utility-scale photovoltaic plants (Utility Scale), to operation and maintenance (O&M), to the creation and implementation of integrated energy solutions for commercial and industrial applications (C&I). SENS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Essen-based Iqony GmbH and employs around 350 people at nine locations in Europe.

About Iqony (formerly STEAG)

Iqony makes green energy feasible. With 85 years of experience in the planning, construction and operation of energy facilities, the company provides holistic solutions for the decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of the energy supply. Iqony focuses on renewable energies and bridging technologies that can be used in a climate-neutral way now and in the future. In addition to solar, wind and geothermal energy, the portfolio includes hydrogen solutions, storage technologies, engineering services and gas-fired power plants. Around 2,300 employees worldwide implement projects for major industrial companies, utilities, cities and municipalities in numerous countries across the globe. Specializing in tailor-made solutions for complex challenges, Iqony draws on its broad and in-depth knowledge of the energy industry across the full range of technologies and services.




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