New Managing Director for SENS Ibérica

In an interview with Oscar Page, the new Managing Director of the SENS locations in Spain and Portugal


Oscar Page is taking over the management of SENS Ibérica, succeeding Francisco Garcia. The former was Managing Director in Spain and Portugal for five years and would like to shift his focus after this period. He will remain with the SENS family as Director Sales & Development and is looking forward to the change. Oscar Page is now following in the footsteps of his successor with many years of experience in the field of renewable energy and wants to make the most out of the enormous potential of the Iberian PV market to promote the expansion of renewable energy on the Iberian peninsulas.

Oscar Page as new Managing Director of SENS Ibérica

Oscar Page has extensive experience in leading positions in renowned renewable energy companies for 20 years. He has worked in Latin America, India, the Middle East and Spain, among other places. With this expertise under his belt, he has now been managing the subsidiary SENS Ibérica  since mid of June and is in charge of the locations in Madrid, Seville and Lisbon.

Together with the team of over 70 people in Spain and Portugal, Page wants to complete the already active Colmena (142 MWp) and Tinosa (180 MWp) pipelines and other 53 MWp portfolio under development in “utility scale” plus (25 MWp) in distribution generation systems and take advantage of the growth of the Spanish and Portuguese renewable energy market for SENS. In this way, numerous other large-scale projects and energy solutions are to be implemented in the coming years in order to contribute in shaping a future with 100 % Good Energy. 


Major climate targets in Spain and Portugal

The national energy and climate targets in Spain and Portugal up to the year 2030 create the best conditions for an enormous increase in solar energy, which Page wants to take advantage of for SENS Ibérica. 

In Spain, 74 % of electricity is to be generated from renewable energy by 2030. Of this, almost 64 % is to be covered by photovoltaic systems, resulting in an expansion target of 39 GWp in Spain.

Portugal also has ambitious targets for the deployment of renewable energy: 9 GWp of solar capacity is to be in place by 2030 in order to achieve the holistic goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Oscar Page tells us in an interview how he wants to develop this potential with SENS Ibérica.


"Mr Page, you already have many years of experience in the field of renewable energy. What particularly excites you about this industry?"

"The preservation of the environment as a whole, and particularly of all the species that inhabit the earth is something I am very sensitive about and I would like to contribute with my work in protecting the richness of our Nature. This is personally rewarding and brings the best out of me in fulfilling my job.  

Climate change is a matter of fact, and being involved in projects that are changing the world as we knew it is simply gratifying."  


"What potential do you see in SENS Ibérica?"

“SENS Ibérica covers the full value chain of a project, from the development phase, the M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance), which gives a big understating of the best way to implement successful projects not only in Spain and Portugal, but in all the countries we are present in.

As a Global company we transfer the knowledge gained in all countries we are active in, enabling us to accomplish large scale and distributed generation projects under proven premises that result in long lasting and profitable assets.

The skilled and highly motivated team that belongs to SENS Ibérica is very involved in the promising renewable energy industry conveying excellence and commitment into the daily work in order to continue being a trustworthy partner to all stakeholders in the market.”  


"What steps have you now planned with SENS Ibérica?"

“We are in the threshold of a new era in the energy sector,  and we have to imminently get ready for it, working in smart manageability of energy and new business models,  in parallel to strengthening our traditional market segments in which we have a big portfolio of successful projects.”


"What does the move to SENS Ibérica as Managing Director mean for you personally?"

“Because of my multi-cultural experience building up teams and scaling up business, I believe I  will be able to bring value to SENS.

Being part of SENS´s family means a nice challenge for me. I´m really proud of having the privilege to work hand in hand with highly skilled professionals present in different countries and being part of an outstanding organisation such as Iqony, a company with 80 years’ experience which masters the energy industry.” 


"How would you describe SENS in three words?"

  • "innovative
  • passionate
  • committed to energy transition"


“What is your life like away from SENS?”

“As a social activist individual, I collaborate with several NGOs in the field of animal protection and preserving the environment. Staying fit and practicing sports along with spending free time with my family is quite important to strike balance. I also like to keep my professional awareness up to date and enjoying reading about the energy transition and the renewable energy sector."


"We are delighted to welcome Oscar Page to SENS and look forward to working with him on the challenges ahead with Good Energy. At the same time, I would like to thank Francisco for his tireless commitment and excellent work over the past years. We are all very happy that he will remain with the SENS family as Director Sales & Development," emphasises André Kremer, Managing Director of SENS.


Header picture from left to right: Ramón Charlo (Technical Director), Francisco Garcia (Director Sales & Development), Oscar Page (Managing Director SENS Ibérica), André Kremer (Managing Director SENS), Rocío Barriga (HR & Finance Director)

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