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Kesseböhmer presents itself on the sunny side

SENS implements a 1,000 kWp PV roof system for Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG in Germany


While the fog hangs low over Bohmte in the morning, the wintry sun fights its way through the clouds at midday, casting the small community in northwest Germany in a radiant light. The sun's rays make the cool outside temperature seem warmer and more energetic. A perfect atmosphere to celebrate the complete module assembly of an almost 1 MWp rooftop PV system together with the customer Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG on the roof of the production hall.

Challenges of the project

Benefits for the whole region

Module assembly for almost 1 MWp completed

In recent weeks, the PV experts from SENS in Würzburg have installed a total of 2,630 solar modules on the roof of the production facility of Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG. In Bohmte, district of Osnabrück, the modules are now ready to be connected to the local grid. It is expected that the solar system will be connected to the local grid in the spring of this year, after receipt of the measuring transformer cabinet.

"We are also noticing the current delivery difficulties in procuring all the necessary materials. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to the plannability of projects, which is why we approach our customers openly from the beginning and draw up realistic project plans," says Bernd Retzlik, Senior Sales Manager at SENS, explaining the current situation in the PV market.


SENS built a 1,000 kWp PV-rooftop system for Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG

From left: Mr Cordklostermann and Mr Schmidt (Electrical Plant Planners at Kesseböhmer in Dahlinghausen), Mr Unland (Head of Plant Supply at Kesseböhmer Dahlinghausen) and Bernd Retzlik (Senior Sales Manager North Rhine Westphalia at SENS)

80 percent own consumption

Mr. Cordklostermann, Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Unland from Kesseböhmer are enthusiastic about the progress of the project so far and are already looking forward to the grid connection next year.

"The mood among the three of us is not only so good because of the sun's rays, but mainly because we are now generating our own renewable energy and thus making good use of the available space on the flat roof," says Jürgen Unland, Head of Plant Supply at Kesseböhmer in Dahlinghausen, who is also supporting the project across all sites in Bohmte. "We will use about 80 percent of the electricity generated in the future for our own production needs. This is a big step for us, which was very easy to realise thanks to SENS", adds Unland.

The energy not consumed is then fed back into the local energy grid. Through this so-called surplus feed-in, not only the customer benefits, but the entire region.


Another 1.3 MWp are already being planned

In neighbouring Bad Essen, SENS will realise another plant for the Kesseböhmer Group in the coming months. Preparations for the second joint project are already in full swing and the PV experts from Würzburg are implementing all the necessary steps for the start of construction in spring 2023.

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Image: Bernd Retzlik (SENS)

Published: 23.01.2023

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