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From military site to solar park

Former missile base in Xanten put to worthwhile use with 10,000 solar modules


The year’s first sunbeams struggle through the cloud canopy and bathe the abandoned landscape in a magical light. Nature slowly takes back the towers and buildings left empty for over 50 years of the former missile base in Xanten. The power of the sun works wonders, not only for the vegetation but also for the almost 10,000 solar modules installed and comissioned to the grid on the former missile base by SENS over the last three months. This has transformed an area of land involved in conflict resolution during the Cold War into a place producing around 4,440 MWh of clean energy per year with the help of the sun.

Solar park with almost 10,000 modules

Since construction began in October 2021, SENS have installed almost 10,000 modules on the former missile base in Xanten with the support of SOL IN ONE GmbH. All the equipment for the park was in place by the end of the year and is now connected to the local grid and commissioned. This region in North Rhine-Westphalia on the lower Rhine can now benefit from around 4,440 MWh of green electricity per year produced by the solar park with the aid of the sun. The overall capacity of the PV park is 4.35 MWp.

Turnkey EPC solution for the customer

The solar park in Xanten was installed for our customer ENNI Solar GmbH, which now profits from a turnkey solar park. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH and bundles photovoltaic systems to drive forward regenerative energy production.

With the PV plant installed by SENS in North Rhine-Westphalia, the customer adds a further 4.35 MWp to its portfolio and contributes an annual CO2 reduction of more than 1,625 tonnes in Germany’s western region.

Abandoned land put to good use

The former missile base is the ideal location to produce solar energy using a PV system. This type of land, which has often been abandoned for years due to it being unprofitable for agriculture, can be put to good use. The presence of the solar park on the site of the former missile base for the next 20 to 30 years will allow the land to recover and provide a habitat for numerous species of plants and animals that can live there undisturbed. This site is gainfully repurposed in two ways by the solar modules: on the one hand by the production of renewable energy and on the other by fostering biodiversity.


Image: Uwe Hennemeier (SENS)


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