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11 megawatts for industrial buildings

Iqony Sens and GARBE conclude a framework contract for 11 MWp PV capacity on industrial real estate roofs in Germany


The PV boom on industrial real estate roofs has been with us for some years now. It dates back to well before the regulations introduced at the start of the year requiring PV on all new buildings. However, there are still countless existing buildings with roofs not fitted with solar modules. Working with GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH, a specialist in logistics and real estate, Iqony Sens has concluded a framework contract for a total of 11 MWp capacity to make best use of the potential of existing and new roofs. The project is divided over the roofs of a number of industrial premises throughout Germany.

Solar energy for industrial roofs

The 11 MWp total capacity is spread over several industrial buildings in Germany. These include both existing properties and new buildings. The first project is already on the starting blocks in Harsum, Lower Saxony. Here Iqony Sens will be installing 4,070 solar modules mounted east-west on an existing roof. On completion of this project, the first 1.6 MWp of the framework contract will enter operation.

Then installation work begins in Mannheim (3.3 MWp) and Coswig (2.4 MWp), followed by other projects. The whole Iqony Sens portfolio for GARBE should be complete by the start of 2023.

All the rooftop PV systems that Iqony Sens builds in cooperation with real estate specialist GARBE will save a total of approximately 4,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year in Germany. GARBE has identified a potential surface area of about six million square metres for PV systems, which illustrates the huge scope for expanding photovoltaics in the future.

Space for strategic partnership

“We take every opportunity to behave sustainably when we select and develop our industrial buildings. In Iqony Sens we have a partner that takes these matters as seriously as us,” says Mathias Wasko, Managing Director of GARBE Renewable Energy (GREEN GmbH), explaining the link between the companies. He goes on to say: “With Iqony Sens as a partner for rooftop PV systems, we can more quickly design sustainability into our existing real estate and make a contribution to the expansion of renewable energy in Germany.”

The projects for GARBE will be completed over the coming months by Iqony Sens, which will mark the start of a special partnership between the two companies. “We not only agree on the objective of sustainability but also the importance of working well together: personally, ambitiously and over the long term,” explains Fabian Herr, COO of Iqony Sens. “Hence we are even more pleased to be able to realise a project of this scope for GARBE,” concludes Herr.

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