Energy audit at Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH,

Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH


Efficiency enhancement through an energy audit at the Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH

In the course of the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 for large and affiliated companies a systematic investigation of selected locations of the Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH was carried out.

The Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH is based in Heilbronn and conducts 24 locations, which are mainly located in the southwestern of Germany. The car dealer mainly trades with commercial vehicles and motorcycles. In addition, they conduct workshops for vehicle preparation and vehicle repair at their locations.

The Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH did the audit to fulfill legal requirements, to save energy and to achieve associated financial benefits. In addition, key figures were developed to check the success of the locations and to compare them.

Due to the large number of sites and the comparable activity of the locations, the multi-site procedure was applied. In this simplification of the procedures, it is sufficient to carry out an Energy audit at individual locations, which are representative for all of the locations. The results and findings can then be transferred to the non-examined locations.

In addition to various influencing factors such as weather conditions, room temperatures, opening times, building physics, etc., the energy consumption of the Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbH is essentially determined by the transit times in the workshop. In order to create a comparative basis for energy consumption in the future, Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) have been defined. The Energy Performance Indicators allow a much better evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented measures to increase energy efficiency.

The analyzed sites have especially in the field of lighting (ceiling lighting, outdoor areas) great saving potential. Some measures were also recommended for the installed heating technology mainly in retrofitting exhaust gas heat exchangers.

Quote from Hr. Wener Hemberger; Division Manager Purchasing

“In the audits, we were shown great savings potential in lighting. We then converted the complete lighting to the LED technology in our factories. In addition to the enormous cost savings, we have the positive side effect that the light output (LUX) has improved noticeably, "Hr. Werner Hemberger; Division Manager Purchasing.”

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