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The Sun rises in the East

Iqony Sens and LSG Group establish joint venture

With immediate effect Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of the Essen-based Iqony energy group, is cooperating in a new joint venture with the LSG Group from Vienna. The long-standing partners and PV experts will in future be known to customers as SENS LSG. Together their focus will be on the photovoltaics markets of eastern Europe.

Never change a winning team – is perhaps the best description of the collaboration that André Kremer, Managing Director of Würzburg-based Iqony Sens, and Karl Göth, Managing Director of the Vienna-based LSG Group, have now confirmed with their signatures. With the conclusion of a new joint venture agreement the two partners have created the official basis for continuing their successful cooperation. Iqony Sens and the Austrian PV service provider have been working closely together on a range of photovoltaics projects since 2015.

Cooperation under the STEAG umbrella

"For years we have held LSG in the highest esteem - both professionally and, especially, personally. It was therefore clear from the very beginning that we would also continue our joint activities under the umbrella of STEAG," says André Kremer with satisfaction. The target is to build up a project portfolio of around 1,000 megawatts (MW) over the next five years.

The partners have their sights set mainly on the development and construction of solar parks as well as service operations in eastern Europe and beyond. The focus in the early stages is on Hungary, Romania and Greece. The initial projects in Hungary are already under construction. For example, ground-mounted PV systems with a total output of 65 MW are currently being built at five locations in Hungary, with completion scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Several years of success to be continued

Since 2015 the current Iqony Sens and the LSG Group have together constructed large-scale photovoltaic installations with a total capacity of over 230 MWp. Outstanding projects have been implemented in Mongolia, Moldova, Russia and Australia, among other countries. In Mongolia, for example, a 30 MW park was built under challenging conditions in the heart of the Gobi desert. And in Australia two PV projects in Queensland were successfully completed and connected to the grid. These are just two examples of the excellent cooperation between the two experienced partners. Within the framework of the new joint venture the teams will, as in the past, support each other in planning, project development, construction management and the purchase of components.

A professional and cooperative atmosphere brings partners together

"We are delighted that we are now continuing our cooperation in this form," stated LSG Managing Director Karl Göth during the signing ceremony in Würzburg, adding: “Our collaboration is characterised by an exceptionally supportive and cooperative relationship, combining professionalism and reliability on the one hand with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment on the other. For us, working with Iqony Sens means not only successful projects but also a very special kind of teamwork".


Picture: Jaroslaw Grzywacz

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