In Münchberg, SENS built a PV ground-mounted plant for RheinEnergie AG

Solar park in Münchberg (Bavaria)

Construction work successfully completed in record time

On behalf of RheinEnergie AG, the solar experts at Iqony Sens have built a 6.5 MW solar park in Münchberg, Bavaria. The project, which is the first cooperation with the energy provider from Cologne, only started in September 2019.

The last of the 23,184 modules were installed on an area of around 9 hectares in November - just in time for the onset of winter. This was followed by cabling and installation of the 87 inverters.

The particular challenge of this project - coordinated by the Utility Scale team - is the integration of the new plant into the immediately adjacent 10-year-old existing RheinEnergie plant. The aim was to create a harmonic look.

"Needless to say, the PV system had to be integrated in accordance with the safety and control specifications of the responsible grid operator," explains project manager Tobias Gäbel.

The park was successfully completed in 10 weeks. After delivery of the customer's grid station, the grid connection is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2020. In future, the approx. 23,000 280Wp modules will generate a total output of around 6.5 MWp.


Foto: Thomas Köllhofer

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