Service for Quercus

Service for Quercus

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions wins tender for Quercus

We are very excited about our new partnership with Quercus Investment Partners.

In future we will be responsible for the annual maintenance, maintenance, monitoring and refitting of numerous open-space solar parks for British company Quercus. In the fall of 2017, Quercus tendered for the management and maintenance of a portfolio amounting to approximately 200 MW. The respective solar parks are located mainly in Italy and Great Britain, where also the headquarters of the renowned investment services provider is located. Above all, the objective was to find a reliable partner for the best possible support regarding future projects as detailed in a framework agreement, as well as developing them.

In GILDEMEISTER energy solutions Quercus had found the perfect partner. "We are grateful for the trust placed in us and looking forward to a long-term cooperation," said Managing Director André Kremer. Nikolaj Harbo, Chief Investment Officer at Quercus Investment Partners, considers the global outlook of GILDEMEISTER energy solutions a major competitive advantage: "GILDEMEISTER energy solutions is present in the markets that are important to us with its own qualified staff. This ensures the highest possible quality of service, which is essential to us ".

The partnership between Quercus and GILDEMEISTER energy solutions brings together two experienced companies in the field of renewable energies. Together, they ensure that the solar parks operate at a high quality level, thereby maximizing returns for investors.

Update: Since July 2019, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions has been operating as STEAG Solar Energy Solutions with the brand name SENS.

SENS Iqony Solar Energy Solutions - Partner QUERCUS
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