Iqony Sens and Menapy provide Good Energy

SENS Ibérica inaugurates one of Spain's largest self-consumption solar plants together with Menapy


The northern Spanish city of Burgos is home to a plant belonging to the Bekaert steel group. As a technology pioneer in steel wire forming and coating technologies, Bekaert sets standards. The company is also committed to future generations and is working to make a positive contribution to the future. The construction of a solar park for self-consumption at its own site is a further step towards positively influencing the energy transition. As one of the largest self-consumption projects in Spain, with a total output of 12 MWp, the solar plant was inaugurated at the end of October. The participation of high-ranking local representatives underlines the importance of the project for the region and beyond.



12 MWp for own consumption

In the past few months, SENS Ibérica built a 12 MWp high-performance solar park on the Bekaert factory premises for the company's own consumption. For this purpose, around 18,300 bifacial solar modules were installed on an area of eight hectares, which will generate around 16,000 MWh of renewable electricity annually with the power of the sun. Year after year, this solar park will help prevent the emission of 3,600 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and underline Bekaert's commitment to climate protection.


Sun Celebration in Burgos

After the completion of the solar park and the accompanying connection to the grid, the plant was officially inaugurated at the end of October. The inauguration ceremony was attended by industry leaders who all played a crucial role in the realisation of this ambitious project. These included Tom Pollyn, Associate Director of Menapy, a company specialising in financing solar installations for multinational companies. Óscar Page, Managing Director of SENS Ibérica, was on hand to represent Iqony Sens.



Speech of the Minister of Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning
Speech of Óscar Page, Managing Director at SENS Ibérica
12 MWp solar park for Bekaert in Burgos, Spain
Solar park for self-consumption

Shared commitment to sustainability

The inauguration of one of Spain's largest self-consumption solar plants in Burgos is an important milestone on the road to a greener and more sustainable future. Thanks to the visionary efforts of Bekaert, the collaboration with industry leaders such as Menapy and the construction expertise of Iqony Sens, this is a groundbreaking project that demonstrates the immense potential of renewable energy.

Óscar Page, General Manager of SENS Iberica, is proud to be involved in this important project: "The construction of this self-consumption facility has been one of those challenges that Iqony Sens never hesitates to take on. We are proud that our extensive experience in the construction of photovoltaic parks has served to mark a milestone in the race for the energy transition of companies that, like Bekaert, opt for self-consumption to reduce their carbon footprint.”


Iqony Sens paves the way for a future with 100 % Good Energy

"The construction and operation of a self-consumption system not only enables companies to save CO2, but also ensures greater independence from energy suppliers. At Iqony Sens, we work tirelessly to realise our vision and create a 100 % Good Energy future for all," concludes Fabian Herr, COO of Iqony Sens.

At a glance:

Location Burgos, Spain
Solar modules 18.300
Total output approx. 12 MWp
Total electricity generation 16,000 MWh per year
CO2 savings approx. 3,600 tonnes


Date: October 31, 2023 
Picture: Tesseo producciones company (solar park), AP Media company (inauguration)

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