PV rooftop system North Rhine-Westphalia

PV and storage for plastics industry

GILDEMEISTER energy solutions (since June 2024: Iqony Sens) is installing another rooftop system in North Rhine-Westphalia

In view of rising electricity prices and the network charges to be paid, it is particularly worthwhile taking a look at consumption patterns and local energy flows, especially for energy-intensive companies. The ALPLA-Werke Lehner, leading developer and manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions made out of plastic, have dealt intensively with these topics.

On the basis of an energy concept that focused on energy production as well as energy storage and consumption, the decision was made to install a PV rooftop system at the Vlotho-Exter site (North Rhine-Westphalia). The solar project was implemented by GILDEMEISTER energy solutions, now operating as Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions (Iqony Sens for short). In a record time of only four weeks, the PV experts from Würzburg installed around 1.000 high-performance modules. The total capacity of the system designed for self-consumption and reduction of load peaks is 300kWp.

The roof construction presented a special challenge: "Due to structural reasons we were only able to add a little additional roof load. So the ballast had to be planned very precisely and reduced as much as possible," explains project manager Boris Passeck. Because of the roof construction, the modules could only be installed directly above the racks in a width of two modules. The layout developed by Iqony Sens is an individual solution that takes these special circumstances into account. The maximum energy yield is not affected, because the selected layout still allows a classic south orientation of the system. The successful acceptance of the PV system took place right in time before winter.

Although the Iqony Sens contract ends with the acceptance of the PV system, the hot phase for the colleagues at OPTENDA GmbH (until April 2020 GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency), who are responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the storage also procured in the course of the energy concept, begins.

In December, the commissioning and the merger of all elements is planned, so that the Vlotho-Exter site can start the new year with an optimised energy concept.


Picture: Jan Handel

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