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Partner in sunshine

Iqony Sens builds two more solar parks for Trianel with a total output of 36 MWp in Bitburger Land


A region that is not only known for the brewery of the same name, but also for its sunny plateaus, light-flooded forests and deep river valleys: the Bitburger Land. Anyone who has been cycling or hiking there in recent months has been able to follow the development of two solar parks. Last year, Iqony Sens installed two PV ground-mounted systems with a total output of 36 MWp for Trianel, which have now been handed over to the customer.

Number six and seven

More than 70,000 solar modules, 36 MWp total output and about 18,000 tonnes of CO2 savings per year - that describes the solar parks realised by Iqony Sens in Bettingen and Halsdorf in Bitburger Land. In recent years, Iqony Sens, as an EPC service provider, has already constructed five ground-mounted PV plants with a total output of 45 MWp for Trianel GmbH. Now projects number six and seven have followed in recent months. This was followed in recent months by projects number six and seven, which Iqony Sens built as a turnkey EPC service provider and which now provide renewable energy in the region.


14 MWp in two months despite mud battle

Despite sometimes adverse weather conditions and the challenges of the muddy subsoil, the EEG commissioning of the solar park in Bettingen was already successful after two months. "There were only a few weeks between the signing of the contract and the first energy production, which is really a strong achievement considering the bottlenecks in the supply chains, the wet and cold season and the associated difficult ground conditions," sums up Fabian Herr, COO of Iqony Sens. The plant has been fully completed since the middle of last year and feeds around 14,000 MWh of renewable energy per year into the local grid.


22 MWp of solar energy in a wind farm

In Halsdorf, only a few kilometres away, another solar park was realised for Trianel in the second half of the year. From June to October, a ground-mounted plant with a total output of over 22 MWp was built there. The more than 40,000 modules for this plant were partly erected around a wind turbine, as the site is directly next to a wind farm. "Due to the special location of the solar park and the challenges that come with it, we accompanied the project at an early stage in the development phase in order to be able to guarantee a smooth construction process," explains Herr.

Interim status in Halsdorf in August 2022

Trust as a basis

"Trianel's renewed confidence in us strengthens us in what we do and how we do it. We place a lot of value on uncomplicated cooperation at eye level and guarantee transparent handling of our projects. In doing so, we always adhere to our maxim of the highest quality. I am proud of our energetic team, which has once again successfully met all challenges," André Kremer, CEO of Iqony Sens, is pleased with the completion of the projects.



Comparison of the two projects

Location Bettingen Halsdorf
Modules Approx. 31,000 Approx. 40,000
Total Output Approx. 14 MWp Approx. 22 MWp
Annual electricity generation Approx. 15,000 MWh Approx. 24,000 MWh
CO2 savings Approx. 7,000 Tons Approx. 11,000 Tons



Pictures: Iqony Sens

Published: 31.05.2023

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