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Asbestos removal with photovoltaics: SENS completes rooftop photovoltaic system for Reisemobile Dülmen GmbH

The sun sets slowly over the roofs at Reisemobile Dülmen GmbH. There are lots of motorhomes in the yard. The customers use them to enjoy sunsets at faraway holiday destinations. Juri Boltov, owner and managing director of the company, has been particularly enjoying the sunset in Dülmen. He knows it was a good day for his new rooftop photovoltaic system, which has been busy recharging its batteries.

PV system for own use

Boltov is the proud owner of a rooftop photovoltaic system installed in November by photovoltaic experts at STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS). The total of 1,608 modules, including the supporting substructure, were installed on the roof of Reisemobile Dülmen GmbH in the past months. On stream since the end of November, the SENS rooftop PV system has a calculated total output rating of 517.86 kWp. The company will use the annual 440,181 kWh generated by the PV system primarily for in-house consumption to reduce its energy bills.

Complete renovation of the asbestos roof

However, before SENS could start setting up the supporting framework and installing the solar modules, the roof had first to be completely renovated. When Reisemobile Dülmen decided a year earlier to acquire a new showroom, it became clear that the roof was made of asbestos. Juri Boltov saw this as no reason to abandon the project. He explains why: “When I looked more closely at the empty site of the former furniture factory from the sixties, I could see immediately several different ideas for how the area could be reorganised for my company’s purposes. Whenever such a vision appears so tangible, nothing should be allowed to get in the way of its realisation.”

Therefore he decided to totally remove the asbestos cladding and completely refurbish the roof. The building works were directly coordinated with the installation of a new rooftop PV system by SENS. Consequently, the new roof cladding could be installed at a 10° slope, which is advantageous for the optimum alignment of the modules.

Holiday atmosphere with side-effect

Thanks to his vision and the excellent cooperation between SENS and Sicon GmbH, who handled the complete renovation of the asbestos roof, Juri Boltov can be happy, not only about his renovated roof, but also about the green electricity, which brings with it an annual saving of 4,702 tonnes of CO2.

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Picture: Marc Müller
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