New release of Energy Monitor

The energy monitoring software becomes even more comfortable

Enhancing the benefits of the company owned energy management software Energy Monitor is the aim of the experts of OPTENDA (until April 2020 GILDEMEISTER energy efficiency). Therefore they work on the optimisation of the tool and the expansion of the features. The new realease 2.10., which is launched now, pays due again to several customer requests according to the releases before.

"We want to provide a system to our customers which meets their daily requirements in the best way. Because of the requirements changing it is our motivation to develop the tool appropiately", says CEO Sebastian Braun.

Customers profit from the functional extension of the load profil analysis toolwhich comes with the new version and makes the core unit of the systems even more powerful.

Working with the systems is also facilitated by a new function to share analysis view via direct link. Electrical consumers who cause peak loads can be identified easier because of the new stock view. Analysis becomes also more comfortable by the graphical highlightning of weekends within the load view. There is furthermore a a possibility to vary units and timeline. Measuring points and devices can be orderd by the known tree structure or by location (address, building, room) within the improved navigation. The new analysis tool "Top consumer" makes the largest consumers visible.

Within the reviewed reporting tool further improvements were realised. A new comparing function enables to compare certain measuring points directly. Furthermore the handling of the reporting tool and the performance of the report created were improved.

The release enlarges the library of measuring equipment supported. It includes now: BACnet (not related to a certain product), Janitza UMG103-CMB, UMG96-RM-E, Siemens SENTRON PAC2200 and several further components.

The latest version 2.10 is an even more efficient tool for capturing and analysing of energy consumption.

You aren´t a customer yet but are interested in Energy Monitor? We´re looking forward to your message. Of course we can show you the functionalities of the system and concrete use cases online or at your site. For further informations please see our pages or the Website of OPTENDA.

OPTENDA GmbH is a subsidiary of STEAG Solar Energy Solutions, formerly GILDEMEISTER energy solutions GmbH, located in Stuttgart. It focuses on energy effiency, energy data management and energy storage solutions and serves customers from several industry branches.


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