Solar park Brigalow in Australia

New project in Australia in progress

The Australian market is growing

After recent commissioning of the solar park Chinchilla, the next Australian project is already planned: this was the winning bid for the Brigalow project, which is already being immediately realized. The excavators are starting their work on the nearly 100-acre site in the state of Queensland these days. A 35MW solar park is planned, which will produce more than 70,000 MWh of green electricity per year and feed directly into the Australian grid.

The engineers will overcome all challenges, as in the Chinchilla project and will deliver the project successfully and on time. A single axis tracking system will enable more than 100.000 solar modules to follow the daily path of the sun in the sky.

Impact Investment Group, which is a leading Australian impact funds manager, owner of both projects, located in Melbourne, will operate both solar parks under the IIG Solar Asset Fund.

The Australian company ASP Yurika (part of the Energy Queensland Group) is again a key contractor, responsible for the high voltage infrastructure.

The project is managed by the Brisbane office, where the joint venture partners Iqony Sens and LSG Group have established a team responsible for the growth in the Australian market. The company is ISO 14001, 45001 and 9001 certified and more projects are currently being prepared for implementation.

Update: Since June 2024, the company has been operating as Iqony Sustainable Energy Solutions Gmbh.


Picture: Ted Maddock

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