SENS planned and realised a roof system for Friedrich Kocks in Bremen

Making the world of steel more sustainable

A rooftop PV system in Bremen produces over 600,000 kWh per year

Shaping tomorrow's world of steel more reliably and honestly with strong ideas that go beyond the existing - that is the vision of Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co. KG. And now the world of steel is also becoming more sustainable thanks to green electricity from the company's own roof. STEAG Solar Energy Solutions planned and installed a rooftop PV system with an output of 746 kWp for Kocks at the Bremen site at the end of 2019. The acceptance and commissioning took place only recently.

Kocks operates in the international steel industry and is known for its prestigious 3-roller technology. “Engineering made in Germany” is the quality standard here. The SENS solar experts also stand for "Engineering made in Germany”, which enabled them to impress the engineering consultants who organised the tender process and to win the contract.

At the end of 2019 the time had finally come and work began on the rooftop system with an east/west orientation at the Bremen location. In spite of complex requirements, those responsible at SENS were able to guarantee rapid completion of the project. "I am very satisfied with the implementation of the system," confirms Ali Bindernagel, Managing Director at Friedrich Kocks.

In the mechanical engineering industry, more and more companies are turning to solar energy in the course of decarbonisation. "The feedback from our customers shows that they attach great importance to ensuring that they leave the best possible carbon footprint," says Moritz Wickert, Head of Energy Systems (now: Global Director New Business & Innovation). With its new photovoltaic system KOCKS has also taken an important step in this direction. Since completion of the project, the total power generation of the rooftop system amounts to approx. 609,000 kWh per year. This corresponds to a CO2 saving of around 323,000 kg. A total of almost 2,300 solar panels have been installed and from now on will provide green electricity on the company's roof. Thanks to the positive cooperation with the customer, our solar experts hope to carry out further projects for the engineering company in the future.


Foto: Marc Müller

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