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Making green even greener

BayWa Bau & Garten store relies on green energy from SENS

BayWa Bau & Garten first opened the doors of its home and garden store in Schwabmünchen on 25 November 2019. Stepping onto the 6,000 m² sales floor, you quickly realise that this store has everything anyone could ever need. Yet most visitors have no idea that they are standing in a climate-efficient home and garden store, because here it’s not just the gardening section that’s green!

Sustainable energy management

BayWa Bau & Garten focuses on sustainable energy management. This includes an air-water heat pump to supply heat energy for efficient distribution through an underfloor heating system. In addition, only LED lights are used for the ceiling and shelf lighting, which reduces energy consumption by around 35 percent compared to conventional lighting.

The use of solar power now completes the sustainability concept. A 1,400 m² roof-mounted photovoltaic system was installed from STEAG Solar Energy Solutions (SENS) to cover as much of the electricity consumption as possible using renewable energy. Almost 800 modules were installed. The system will generate around 270 kWp for the store’s own consumption to fulfil the power demands of the sales floor. This amounts to approximately 273,858 kWh per year. Operating the rooftop PV system is expected to result in annual savings of about 150 tonnes of climate-damaging CO2 .

Green Team

The staff uniform and plants are not the only green items in the BayWa Bau & Garten store in Schwabmünchen. Store manager Attila Oyanbas is particularly proud to show off his products and services using light created in Schwabmünchen from renewable energy: “The whole team is delighted about the new roof-mounted photovoltaic system. Now we can present our products and services to customers even more sustainably using our own generated solar electricity.”

SENS is very pleased to have contributed to sustainable energy management at the store. “The two companies’ teams worked together very well, which meant the project was completed smoothly and efficiently,” says Moritz Wickert, Head of Energy Systems at SENS (now: Global Director New Business & Innovation), who is responsible for the installation of roof-mounted PV systems.


Image: Marco Bömmel

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