SENS builds three solar parks in existing wind farm for Windpower GmbH

Hybrid: 23.5 MWp solar for Windpower

Three solar parks, two technologies, one customer: SENS builds three solar parks in existing wind farm for Windpower GmbH


A magical light is created when the mist over the fields is illuminated by the rising sun early in the morning. This promises a sunny, warm late summer day. Perfect to soak up the sun once again, for example while hiking or biking. In the municipality of Deining, in southeastern Bavaria, there are a number of biking and hiking trails along rolling hills, forests and agricultural land. The paths lead along a wind farm, which was built with citizen participation by Windpower GmbH. The company now also relies on photovoltaics for the best possible use of its limited grid feed-in capacities. For this purpose, SENS has built three solar parks with a total capacity of 23.5 MWp in the existing wind farm. 

Wind + Sun = Joy

With the help of more than 43,800 solar modules, SENS as EPC service provider is realising a solar-wind hybrid park in the community of Deining, near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. For this, the modules were erected at three locations along one of the largest wind farms in Bavaria: Deining-Mittersthal (4.0 MWp), Seubersdorf-Batzhausen (15.0 MWp) and Deining-Unterbuchfeld (4.5 MWp)

The three solar farms alone save an estimated 11,150 tons of CO2 emissions annually.


Technology, archeology, synergy

The construction of the solar systems over the course of the past months held some special features. In Mittersthal, there was the technological peculiarity that the medium-voltage cable, which connects the solar park to the local grid, runs along several wind turbines through the park. This means that the electricity generated by the wind and solar plants is collected at the substation and fed into the grid. 

During the construction of the citizen participation project in Seubersdorf, the soil conditions proved to be particularly challenging, as Jura limestone occurs over a large area here.


SENS and Windpower

Marco Troppmann, project manager at Windpower, describes the relevance of the project for the region: "In this hybrid project, we are relying not only on wind but also on photovoltaics in order to make the best possible use of the limited grid feed-in capacities. Furthermore, we are planning to generate hydrogen at the same grid connection with the help of a hydrogen electrolysis plant. The three solar plants from SENS represent a major milestone for the overall project. We are pleased with the rapid progress and smooth communication throughout the project." 

„The hybrid renewable energy project in Deining embodies the synergy between innovation, partnership commitment and positive regional development. We at SENS are very pleased that we were able to help the customer achieve a future with Good Energy in the region with our EPC services. The combination of solar and wind energy paired with the planned hydrogen electrolysis plant shows not only a technological diversity, but above all sustainable benefits for the community", Fabian Herr, COO of SENS, summarises the project.

Let´s celebrate Good Energy

At the end of August, the commissioning of the project was symbolically celebrated after the solar parks in Mittersthal and Seubersdorf were already feeding electricity into the local grid. Representatives of the press were invited, as well as Albert Füracker, Minister of State for Finance and Home Affairs, and the mayors of the local communities: Mayor Andreas Steiner (Seubersdorf) and Mayor Peter Meier (Deining). Daniel Raab, Team Lead Sales Utility Scale, and Luis Sanchez, Project Manager Utility Scale, from SENS were also present to celebrate the milestone together with the customer and the community. In addition to SENS, other companies involved in the implementation were also on site and toasted with the property owners to the ceremonial inauguration.



The solar projects at a glance:





Total annual energy generation

4.0 MWp

15.0 MWp

4.5 MWp

Co2-savings per year

1,970 Tons

7,035 Tons

2,150 Tons

Construction phase

Feb - May 23

April - July 23

Feb - May 2023




Solar park construction made easy – learn more about the different phases of a solar project, from project development to operational management. SENS is your partner for a future with 100% Good Energy. 

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Picture: Windpower GmbH

Date: 20 September 2023



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