Hungary takes big steps towards renewable energy

Hungary takes big steps towards renewable energy

SENS LSG and Green Source continue their successful collaboration for the energy transition in Eastern Europe


Becoming independent of fossil fuels - a goal that Hungary is striving for more than ever. The proportion of renewable energy is set to grow strongly in the coming years. The vast expanses of Hungary offer enormous potential for rapidly increasing the share of solar energy. SENS LSG, the joint venture between Iqony Sens and the LSG Group, has utilised this potential together with its long-term partners Green Source and Core Value Capital to install and commission a 63 MWp PV park in a very short space of time. The partnership is thus setting new standards for a future with 100% Good Energy.

Sustainable energy generation on a large scale

With an impressive output of 63 MWp and a total electricity generation of 85,000 MWh per year, the solar park in Senyö will make a significant contribution to CO2 savings in Hungary. Around 40,000 tonnes of CO2 can be saved with this plant from Iqony Sens and Green Source.

A total of 95,600 solar modules were installed in Senyö within just six months. The solar park was connected to the local power grid in November.

Strong Partnership ensures efficiency

The construction of the solar park presented a number of challenges. For example, clearing the construction site and preparing the land proved to be more difficult due to the presence of root wood in the subsoil and a peat layer up to 1.50 metres deep. In addition, paving the construction road required a considerable amount of extra work and additional piles were needed in one area to ensure the overall structural stability. In addition, there was a delay in the delivery of the main components, especially the modules.

Despite these challenges, the entire team proved what it means to find customised solutions for the local conditions. The solar park was successfully realised thanks to the intensive collaboration with the partners.

"Completing and commissioning such a project against all odds within just six months is the result of a strong partnership," explains Anna Hofmann, Managing Director of Green Source. "And that's exactly what we found with SENS LSG. Our long-term cooperation enables us to complete such projects extremely efficiently and at high speed," adds Hofmann.

Sustainability for the future

The project is a milestone in the transition to a sustainable energy supply and a prime example of the success of the SENS LSG joint venture. In the past, the company has already installed 65 MWp of solar power in Hungary, divided into eight clusters.

"The expansion of renewable energy in Hungary is of great importance to Iqony Sens. This market offers us the opportunity to drive forward our vision of a sustainable energy future," says André Kremer, CEO of Iqony Sens, describing the relevance of the project. "Green Source and Core Value Capital will actively support us in this endeavour. We have been working with both partners for many years and have successfully mastered numerous challenges. We will continue to utilise this potential of a strong partnership to pave the way for a greener future in Eastern Europe," says Kremer, looking ahead to the joint future.

The project at a glance:

Location Senyö
Overall performance Approx. 63 MWp
Total annual electricity generation Approx. 85,000 MWh
Annual CO2 savings Approx. 40,000 tonnes


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Picture: SENS LSG

Date: 14 December 2023


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