Green energy source in opencast mining

SENS implements 37 MWp solar park in Vereinigtes Schleenhain open-cast mine


The area where the PV plant was built in the mining field extends over 55 hectares on the border of the village of Groitzsch, in eastern Germany. The recultivation of this is an outstanding example of how areas used for mining can be used to generate electricity from renewable energy. In the past months, SENS, as an EPC service provider, has erected a solar plant with an output of 37 MWp there and mastered the challenges of the demanding subsoil.



37 MWp in Germany

SENS implemented the solar park in Groitzsch, Saxony, for MIBRAG GmbH between October 2022 and August 2023. Commissioning now took place at the end of September. With 66,000 modules and a total electricity generation of around 38,000 MWh per year, the solar park could supply the Saxon city of Leipzig with electricity for two months and save around 18,000 tonnes of CO2 at the same time.


Opencast mining becomes a green energy source

In addition to the mining of lignite in the Vereinigtes Schleenhain open-cast mine, the area has also become a source of regenerative solar energy in recent months. In order to make the mining areas that had already been used for mining purposes usable again, the site was recultivated in a stepped manner with five levels, on which the solar park was built in 16 sub-fields. The solar park was planned in such a way that the PV system can be dismantled in stages and each level can be operated individually.

"Due to the backfilling of the ground, the subsoil with various slopes was an extraordinary challenge for the construction of the solar park. To withstand these conditions, we had to limit the weight of the construction machinery as a preventive measure. After carrying out various tests and studies, we also decided to use different screw foundations in order to be able to guarantee a firm anchoring of the racks in the ground despite the challenging conditions," says Uwe Hennemeier, Project Manager at SENS.  

Solar park on recultivated area distributed over five levels

Use space sensibly

"This project impressively demonstrates how former industrial sites and mining areas can be converted into environmentally friendly energy projects through targeted measures and thus have a sustainable positive impact on the environment," explains Fabian Herr, COO of SENS. "Being able to transform this area into a solar park for MIBRAG promotes versatile and reliable energy generation and encourages us on our way to a future with 100 % Good Energy."


At a glance:



 Solar modules


 Total output

 approx. 37 MWp

 Total electricity generation

 38,000 MWh per year

 CO2 savings

 approx. 18,000 tonnes



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Date: September 28, 2023 
Picture: MIBRAG GmbH 


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